I love the trade and barter system

A blog reader, Diane, contacted me the other day and asked for a favor.  She wanted me to cut small tumblers with my Accuquilt Go! and my small tumbler die.  I said sure.  Honestly it just takes a bit and I love to help out when I can.

A box came from Diane full of beautiful Civil War prints all cut and beautifully ironed and ready to run through the cutter.   My daughter had an end of the school year get together at our house so in an effort to stay up past my usual bedtime, I decided to start cutting the small tumblers out.


About 55 minutes later….I had little stacks of tumblers ready package back up and send to Diane.

Diane was super sweet and treated me with some goodies for my efforts…honestly I know I got the better deal.


3 yards of blue Jo Morton fabric and the cutest little pincushion.  Both items…completely the perfect gifts.  I love little pincushions but never take the time to make them for myself.

I had the best time petting her fabric and checking out the prints.  I loved seeing that I had some of the prints…some I didn’t and some I had the same print but in a different color…honestly, I had a great time.  I did see one fabric that, oh I wished, I had…it was a pretty little pink fabric.  Then later I was showing hubby my loot and realized that the pincushion had that exact fabric on the back!  Isn’t that silly how that worked out?

So Diane, your box is on it’s way.  I had a great time and it was trading with you was a treat.

3 thoughts on “I love the trade and barter system”

  1. Oh thank you, thank you! I am so glad you like the fabric and the pin cushion. I know I got the better deal!! Now I almost want to end this mini vacation early to get home and see my little tumblers!

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