I love my UPS man….

Look what the UPS man brought yesterday….


more AccuQuilt GO! dies….The Holiday Accessories and the Sleigh and Snowflakes dies are some of the latest dies out.  Typically I am not a big applique gal but I thought I’d give it a try.


Even though my machine has a button hole stitch, I rarely use it.  I’m too busy piecing.  I am rather impressed with myself…typically new products sit around here for a week until I get brave enough to try them.  Not these dies….I had them marked and was using them before the UPS man was at his next stop…see my little snowman…..

My applique is a little rusty but I’m having fun.  I can’t wait to show you my whole project.

Has the UPS man brought anything fun to your house lately?

9 thoughts on “I love my UPS man….”

  1. Maybe not so fun or exciting but he brought an exercise bike for me and dh. We’ve been working pretty hard on it too – hope that continues!

  2. Chartreuse Moose

    Oh we do love UPS men/women….they are the best! Especially for anyone living a long distance from shops! Only once did a sub-UPS driver leave a box of oranges on our front porch rail (unused) during 20 below zero weather…and we didn’t notice them for a couple weeks! Cried crocodile tears…over that one!

  3. I love to see the UPS man….I think it’s the uniform…nah…who am I kidding…it’s the parcels…especially if they have the Accuquilt logo!! Love your choices!

  4. The last couple of things my UPS man brought was linens for my son’s college dorm room and an Accquilt for me! Woo Hoo! Love those dies you got. I’m still playing around with mine but know that I’m going to need more dies soon.

  5. You’ll have a great time with these dies. I’ve just used my Go cutter for the first time and it worked great. The best half square triangles ever – and the easiest. Checked out Bonnie’s site and now want to do more strip quilting using the 2-1/2″ strip cutter. Can’t wait to try everything I’ve gotten so far so I can order more!!!

  6. Button hole stitch? Is that like a satin stitch. I’ve been having trouble trying to do my applique, shrinking my zig zag hasn’t really worked. It doesn’t look tight and smooth. I’m going to check for a button hole stitch. Thanks.

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