I love my blog readers….

Last week I wrote a blog post about working in quadrants when creating a quilt using a barn raising setting.  I showed this picture of my Blue Ridge Beauty quilt from Bonnie Hunter’s book, Adventures with Leaders & Enders: Make More Quilts in Less Time!


Kathy, my blog reader wrote this in the comment section, “Your Blue Ridge Beauty is beautiful. Just check the upper left hand corner, something’s amiss and you’ll want to fix it before you get too deep in the process!”

UGH!!  She was right.  See the twisted block.


So big shout of thanks to you Kathy for saving me!!  I so appreciate more than one pair of eyes checking out my work.  I can’t imagine how frustrated I would have been if this quadrant would have been sewn to even more blocks.  Being it was on the edge, it was an easy fix.

7 thoughts on “I love my blog readers….”

  1. I didn’t notice that block when I looked at your work but if that one is turned around then so is the one in the very corner next to it? the amish usually turn one block differently and you can do the same. I love to see your quilts.

  2. To me it looks like the whole top row is sewn on wrong, maybe upside down. If you follow the dark triangle rows from the bottom left up you will see what I mean. (I’m looking at the 1st picture in this post)

  3. Can u pls post before and after the changes pictures later? I’m a bit with Nancy on this one that there might be more blocks that needs changing around. GL and its great to have more eyes watching ur work when u do these things.

  4. There are several blocks turned the wrong way up in that area outside the circle indicated in the photo. Oooops!

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