I love my Aunt Agnes….

I have a WONDERFUL aunt Agnes.  She is my dad’s 93 year old sister and my godmother.  A week or so ago, she came to visit me bringing with “two baby quilts” she wanted me to quilt on my machine.  She didn’t like the job her previous machine quilter did and “knew that I would listen to her”.

….no pressure on me….

She didn’t bring me completed quilt tops….she brought me fabric kits.  Thankfully they are mostly panels and require minimal sewing.  But she wanted them to look nice without a bunch of quilting over the top of the picture on the panel.  I have one done….I hope it’s to her liking.


I took me 4 hours to do the quilting….like I said, I hope she likes it.  I have another one to do…a girl quilt.  Aunt Agnes is expecting her second set of twin great grandchildren soon and wanted quilts for them….  When she gave me the fabric she said, “You do this for me, I just can’t much anymore.”


In her day, Aunt Agnes was a worker.  She didn’t finish high school because she was needed at home.  She was a farm wife who worked both in her home and on the farm…an amazing woman!  She is very proud of her Swedish heritage and taught herself to hardanger  just as her mother did.  Here’s a beautiful piece she gave me years ago…

She has done many larger more detailed pieces.   All of the work is flawless.

Aunt Agnes cared for her wheel chair bound son until several years ago when her other children stepped in and told her it was just too much for her….she was in her 80’s at the time.

In her day, she was quite a quilter…here is a quilt she and grandmother made on treadle machine.  The quilting is all hand quilted.

I want to someday make reproductions of this quilt for my own children.  Isn’t it a beauty?

I cannot say enough wonderful things about my aunt.  My hope is that she lives for MANY more years.  She still actively quilts with her church group making quilts for Lutheran World Relief…she even drives herself there!  What a lady!  She is always dong mission work, working actively to make the world better.

I hope God blesses me with the generosity, compassion, strength, wisdom, longevity and fortitude that He has bestowed on her….

13 thoughts on “I love my Aunt Agnes….”

  1. I loved reading about your Aunt Agnes. She sounds like quite a lady. I am sure she will love your quilting. It looks wonderful. I love the quilt your aunt and grandma made. Have a good day. Winona

  2. Adorable quilt. I think from just following your blog for a short time that you ARE following in your Aunt Agnes’ footsteps.

  3. Thanks for sharing with us!
    You did an excellent job on the little quilt I am sure she will love it. It is so nice to have such inspirational “elders” in the family – all mine have gone on, but they have made a mark in my life.

  4. Love the quilting on the panel. I’m sure Aunt Agnes will, too. I gather you’re from Iowa. I wonder if we don’t live fairly close to one another. It sounds like maybe you don’t live a real long distance from Country Threads. I live approximately 50-60 minutes east of there.

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