I Lied…more puppy news!

Did you read the title of the post?  After telling you on Thursday that I wasn’t going to have much puppy news, I ended up only 24 hours later sitting back down at the computer and writing yet another blog post about puppies.  Oh my.

The story of puppies coming from Amish farms continues.  Do you remember Rusty?  Well the people who released Rusty to us had puppies on their farm at the time Rusty was picked up.  The HEART Animal Rescue volunteer asked if we could take the puppies too.  She was told no.

Well here we are…three weeks later and HEART got a call.  Not only were they wanting to release the puppies the volunteer had originally seen, but there were other moms with other puppies.  Of course, we try to get them to release everything we can get…not that we “want” more puppies but it’s a way we can try to prevent so many puppies from being born in the first place.

It turns out this farm, not a true puppy mill, just had four moms with puppies.  They were willing to release puppies from three of the moms.  Each mom had three puppies…YEP.  NINE puppies altogether.  Offers were made that we would pay for the entire cost to have the moms spayed but that offer, to date, wasn’t accepted.  He did say he would think about it. The fourth mom had younger pups and they were going to try to sell them.  I’ll say what we’re all thinking.  I wonder if HEART will get a call in a few weeks and will be back to pick them up.

YES, they are outside.  YES, they are just wandering around in the cold.  UGH.  We are doing what we can.  We can’t make him give us the puppies and we can’t pay for them or they would never give them to us again always breeding and expecting pay.

The volunteer ended up sending me a picture with the quote that said, “Look familiar?”

YES!!  Look at the picture…Rusty has to be the father of these.  Well, what’s a good mom to do?  It was my foster Rusty’s offspring so it looks like I needed to volunteer to fix the mess my boy Rusty got himself into…so, more puppies were scheduled to be coming my way.

Oh, my word.  Aren’t they the cutest little pups ever??  They will be toy Australian Shepherds.

I’m going to be in puppy world for sure.  I don’t think it will last long though.  Applications are already starting to come in for BeeBee and CeeCee so I feel good that they will get processed and that they will be moving toward their new homes.

The new pups are two boys and one girl.  They are younger and too small to be neutered.   So we just need shots, a vet check, and they will be ready to start the process of moving toward their new homes.  It will be a crazy couple of weeks.

Beyond that, there was also another call that fosters were needed for two 15-week-old golden doodles.  Oh boy. These were a surrender situation.

We are only a small rescue.  We cannot handle 19 dogs in one single week.  Seriously, I don’t think we even have 19 people who do foster care.  Many people only want to foster a specific breed.  Many only want small dogs.  Everyone has their preference and they are totally allowed that.  Any and all help is welcome.

Some of the other puppies that were BeeBee and CeeCee’s littermates went to Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter.  We can’t thank them enough for helping.

It turns out we have great partners.  Camp Companion in the Rochester, MN area is taking the two 15-week-old golden doodles…but, they have to get delivered there.  So guess who volunteered to pick them up and deliver them?  If you guessed me, you’re right.  Oh my.

I really want to learn about all the aspects of fostering including working with partner rescues and dealing with picking up surrenders.  These are the two golden doodles I picked up.  This was a true rescue situation.  These dogs were gross.  The owners put them in the kennels so initially, I never touched them.  They looked dirty but I didn’t realize how bad they were until I started driving.  I ended up needing to roll down my window part of the time as they stunk so badly.  Then the one on the left threw up.  UGH.

When I met the rescue to the north of us, we had to touch them to get them out of the kennels.  Oh, my word.  They were sticky.  The gal I met has done rescue for a long time.  She said that was from urine…the stickiness was on their backs.  Yep, sticky gross urine stuck on their backs.

Later in the day the rescue that I delivered the pups to sent me a picture with the pups all clean and pretty….and most of all…HAPPY!!

Oh, my word.  I wanted to cry…okay.  I did cry.

Friday morning I sat down and started writing this blog post.  I got it this far had stopped and started getting my dogs here settled so I could go pick up those puppies.  I was all set to go pick up them up when a fellow volunteer called and said don’t come.  The puppies had not passed their fecal test.  They were positive for hookworms, roundworms, and giardia.  It’s serious but totally treatable.  They just need to be wormed and on meds for a few days.

So I am scheduled to get them tomorrow…  In the meantime, they were presented on Facebook through HEART.  You can find their Facebook page HERE.  Please check out their website to donate or fill out an application to adopt.  It is highly recommended to put in an application before you even want to adopt so you have pre-approval.   Then when a puppy is listed, you can ask that your application be applied to that particular dog.  It gets you in the door more quickly.  Some dogs get snapped up really quickly because they were already approved.

So here are the guys I am supposed to be picking up tomorrow…

This is Dusty…a male.  These three are classified as toy Australian Shepherds.
This is Elton, another male.

This is Frieda a female.

I thought I would show you Rusty’s other pups…I don’t plan on taking these but who knows?  I never say never or make any plans now that I’m fostering.  Once I do, they often change.

These are terrier and Australian shepherd mixes.  Rusty is their dad too.  This is Bobby a male.

This is Bailey.  She had an umbilical hernia that will be checked out at the vet tomorrow.

This is Billy a male.

They all look terrier in appearance…thank heavens.  We have so many Australian Shepherd mixes.

The next three are not Rusty’s but were part of the nine puppies that came in.  YEP.  There was another male on the scene to breed the females.

This is Juno a female.

This is Kyra a female.

This is Dundee a male.

Remember the two pups I have had littermates?  Here they are…

This is Ethel.  They are a cross between a border collie and an Australian Shepherd but have more of a Border Collie look.

This is Lucy…

Here are my two…BeeBee

…and CeeCee.

WHEW.  What a load of puppies!!  After Wednesday, with any luck, all of them will be available for adoption.  As I said, feel free to put in an application for pre-approval.  Again HERE is the HEART website.

There is also the mom Australian Shepherd with puppies.  Those will be ready for adoption in two weeks.  This is really a lot for our little rescue to have.

Fingers crossed that we don’t have any more puppy calls this week…or dog calls for that matter…and that is the latest news on the foster dog front.

HEY…curiously, if you were to adopt a puppy, which would you most likely adopt?  Let me know in the comment secion.

44 thoughts on “I Lied…more puppy news!”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    I’d take Kyra or Ceecee. If I could afford the increase in rent for having a dog. What a batch of adorables. Actually any one of them is the right size.

  2. Going on looks, I’d go for CeeCee! But I discovered in September that going by looks doesn’t work. Went to look at a white 10 month old kitten at the humane society, and came home with a black kitten and a grey tabby kitten! I never would’ve pursued those two, given their colors are so “common” and I’ve always preferred the more “flashy” types….but now, three months later, they are beautiful to me.

    Good luck with your puppies, Jo! You are a brave woman!

  3. How could I choose? SO cute, each and every one. I shared one of your posts on the fosters with my son in West Des Moines in case he knew of anyone. I kinda hoped he was ready for a dog. He lost his 17 year old dog a year and a half ago. He and she were best friends since he was a senior in high school! So it was super hard to loose her. Maybe he will be ready soon.

  4. I love the look on the face of ‘Eldon’! And ‘Bobby’ has a sneaky little look :)
    ‘Cee Cee’ reminds me of ‘The Little Rascal’ tv show. They are all so cute and seem to have their own personalities.

  5. I would adopt them all if I could! Warm hearts mean warm homes.
    Just as a side note, do you think it would be better to refer to the Amish farm where most of the pups came from as just a “farm”? When you say Amish farm if sheds a bad light on Amish people in general. I have good Amish friends and feel a little sensitive to the farm being labeled Amish.

    1. Got to politely disagree with you on this. Puppy Mills and farms run by Amish people are a problem all over the country. Rescues in those areas (including mine) get buried by unsold puppies and discarded breeding stock. It’s a business, and the purpose of that business is money.
      I have no issues with Amish people running small businesses to make a living or supplement income unless those businesses exploit animals, and the puppy farms do just that.
      I admire Jo and her rescue group for doing what they can, but they’re a band-aid on a festering wound.
      Oh, and BTW, I’m Mennonite.

      1. I also agree it’s a band-aid. We need people to be aware of what is happening. Real power would come through legislation. No one will vote for any of it if it is not brought to light. Please continue to share about what is happening to dogs and puppies in the world.

  6. More puppies please! I live in Connecticut but if I lived closer I would choose any of Rusty puppies. He is adorable and so are his puppies.

  7. This is regarding cross stitch not puppies hope that’s ok. I haven’t gotten back into cross stitch but followed this gal for some time…don’t know if it’s a blog that would interest you or not but she does beautiful work https://stitchingdream.blogspot.com/
    I have absolutely no affiliation but still check in now & then to see what she’s making.

  8. I like Dundee! And I agree about writing about the dogs! I love animals and am so happy you are fostering, even tho you cry when they leave….. you have a big heart, that is for sure!

  9. Love your posts about the dogs Jo. We’re dog people too! We currently have a dog that our son adopted through our local humane society. She’s 55-60 pounds, a Catahoula/terrier mix. Based on a picture, I would not have picked her BUT she is the best dog ever, sweet, loyal, smart. All this to say, you have to meet a potential “furever” friend with an open mind and see what happens. Lesson learned for me!

  10. Cynthia from Nebraska

    I enjoy your dog posts! I don’t really like puppies, unless I am just borrowing someone else’s for a while! I would much rather have an older dog or even senior dog! I love to look at the puppies, I love hearing about them though. I’ve mentioned before that I have been quite involved with a dog rescue in the past. One of the most difficult things about that is that there is often immediacy to intake and transport, and then a lot of scrambling around.

  11. They are all adorable Jo but if I was looking for a puppy, I would pick Juno. When you told me about Rusty’s puppies I was so surprised. It has been a little over a week since we adopted Rusty and it feels like he has been a part of our family forever! If these little puppies have half of his sweet personality they will make wonderful pets!

    1. Cheryl in Dallas


      Thanks for the note about Rusty. You know, he has hundreds of virtual Aunties who think he is the cutest! I’m so glad he finally adopted you.

  12. Margaret in North Texas

    They are all so cute. Thanks Jo for giving the puppies a beautiful write up. I hope they get their ” furever” home soon.

  13. Kathleen from Mississippi

    What I’ve learned from your blog is that I’d love to foster dogs. But beyond that I learned that I could never be a rescuer because I would want to keep all of the dogs. All the more admiration for what you do.

  14. Cute puppies. My kids both have dogs in their respective homes. I’ve always been a cat person lol. Just wondering, did you adopt Rosie thru HEART?

  15. Wenonah from Alberta

    I want them ALL!!!!! I could never foster dogs. The first 2 or 3 would be foster fails and that would be it!

  16. My son has two dogs one being a miniature Australian shepherd. It is a very delightful, easily trainable dog. His dog does shed a very little bit and I’m slightly allergic to it, but that doesn’t stop me from dog sitting and loving on him all day when my son is at work or the rare times he vacations.

  17. Dundee looks like a Bernese mountain dog. Maybe with long hair. My brother used to have this kind. Enjoy yourself fostering them.

  18. I’d take all of them ,lucky I’m in the Uk. I have a rescue dog they are definitely the best. Anyone buying these dogs from breeders without checking into the background should be ashamed of themselves ! Especially when there are so many rescues needing good homes

  19. If I were to chose, it would be Dusty or Freida. So adorable. I’m afraid our little weinerdog, Olive, would be more jealous of a new pup than she is of our new grandson!!
    Good luck with them:)

  20. They are adorable!! We can’t walk dogs, so we don’t have them but all those pictures just tug at my heart!! They are so sweet. Thank you for all you to do help in getting them to forever homes. You’re the best!

  21. I love Dundee and Juno, it’s a tough call. Actually any of them are adorable and lovable. Our elderly dog just passed this year, we adopted him when he was 8. We are losing our good health, have lost really, and don’t feel we should adopt any more. I have two cats, and one of them is 22, the other is 9.
    I wish we were young and could adopt some of these adorable puppies.

  22. As a kennel owner dog trainer and rescuer for over 25 years it never ceases to amaze me how people think of these puppies and dogs as disposable. These are loving docile beings that are domesticated they cannot take care of themselves or fend for themselves at all I wish people would realize that. I would like to see laws passed in every state that requires every dog owner to have their pet spayed or neutered, PERIOD. It should also be a requirement of any breeder to have the pups spayed or neutered before they’re sold and factor into the cost of the pup. A lot of these breeders will just have you sign a disclosure stating that you will never breed them but how many people are going to check up on you we know the answer to that! No one. So if we make changes to our laws in favor of these animals then we will start to see real change. People will think twice before adopting a dog or buying a dog if they know they have to pay to have them spayed and neutered and or a yearly registration. THE PEOPLE WHO SQUAWK AT THE PRICE CANNOT AFFORD ANIMALS AND SHOULD NOT HAVE THEM!

  23. Elizabeth L. Clark

    I would love Juno, and it looks like she has two different colored eyes. I have a very elderly Shepherd mix
    with one blue and one brown eye and she is a lover Maye when Lola crosses the rainbow bridge, I’ll want
    a little dog — I’ve only had big dogs so far (a lab and now Lola).

  24. I’d nab Billy in a hot second! Wishing doesn’t get him here though. And I probably shouldn’t get a dog yet anyway. I pray they find great homes.

  25. Oh, Jo! They are all SO adorable!!!! We lost our border collie mix to liver cancer in April and we are still missing her so much. The little border collie mixes are my favorite and we would love to have one! Would they consider an adoption to northeast Texas? I hope so! Thank you for doing this fostering, you have such a great heart ❤️!

  26. If no one has told you lately I think you are very special person. You do so much for others I am surprised you can find time for yourself. As a grandmother of 8 I truly understand. These pups are all adorable but I would probably take Juno or Dundee. They are all precious though. Thanks for helping them.

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