I Jumped the Gun

The other day my girlfriend called and asked if I wanted to “run away” for the day…who can pass that up?!  Off we went to the Amish community south of my house.  She really wanted to hit the greenhouses.  I knew we shouldn’t go.  I knew I’d be tempted.  I knew it was too early to purchase plants….but we went anyway.

I was right.  I couldn’t resist….


I got home and showed my plants to my hubby….he then proceeded to tell me about the the WINTER WEATHER WATCH we are in.  Snow is coming…..UGH!  I guess my plants are going to be “planted” on my dining room table for a couple weeks.  I knew we shouldn’t have gone….I knew I couldn’t resist.

I think me going to a green house is a bit like me dieting….I have trouble resisting….

The weather came and went…we ended up with a few inches of snow and now it’s melted again.  Hopefully these plants can get off my dining room table and get planted soon.

2 thoughts on “I Jumped the Gun”

  1. I too have ‘jumped the gun’ and went plant shopping. I made 3 hanging planters with ivy geraniums and filler flowers. It then decided to be in the low 30’s for the last 4 nights. I hand potted geraniums on the deck and I had covered them, but have now decided they will all have to take their chances and deal with the cold–It’s almost May! We are below normal temps here in the NW–enough!

  2. Yes, I know the feeling. The watch/warning resulted in 9″ of snow for us, here in S.E. MN. Most is gone today, except for some drifts at the house foundation. Raining now, blustery and 44F. Spring where art thou?????

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