I Have Internet…Glory Bee!!

I have Internet….you read it right.  I am back on line!!


Last Saturday we had the lightening strike that took out the computer modem.  I called into Windstream (our internet provider-which I no longer recommend).  I was on hold for about 20 minutes, I got through and for some reason, the call dropped.  I called back and was then on the hold trying to get things figured out for 98 minutes.It was the typical now days run around…”you can no longer buy a modem from us, you can only rent them”…and that rent will only be $9.95 a month.  I said I wanted to buy it out right.  Of course they couldn’t do that.  I asked if I could just buy one in town….”of course there was that option but there would be no tech support to help set it up”.  It all just makes me angry…really angry…so while I am on the phone wanting the new modem they thought they would review my speed.  I was fine with what I had.  They pushed more speed.  I said I didn’t need it…they pushed more speed..and that modem I wanted…well there would be no tech services who would come to my house for that if I went with the $9.95 package.  I would need the $29.95 per month package instead.  I was getting angrier by the minute.  Just give a modem and a dude to come and put it in.  I don’t want anything else.

This all happened on July 23rd.  They said they could someone would call me in 24 hours and let me know when the service guy would be out.  I expressed to her that I have the blog and a website and need internet.  She said she would note that.  I asked if that meant that I would get a call on Sunday…she said yes because they work seven days a week.

24 hours later…no call.

I called in and asked about it 48 hours later.  I was then told August 9th I’d get internet again.  That made me crabby. Why didn’t they say that to start with?  Probably because they knew I’d be bothered.  Then I got some long run around that I actually had an “order” and an “upgrade”.  Being I had the “upgrade” the “order” couldn’t be processed sooner.  WHAT??  I never wanted the upgrade in the first place.  Just give me the “order” so I can have internet again.  Well this department couldn’t change it because there was the “upgrade” attached and she wasn’t authorized to un-attach them.  Of course that office of the company where the “un-attaching” happens was closed for the day.  She did forward me onto someone who forwarded me on to someone else who gave me Friday as a date for them to come.

Now I was completely frustrated by the whole “order and upgrade”…but at least they’d come Friday.

I told myself I’d just have to wait until Friday and all of you would just have to be patient with me.  Then Thursday the modem came in the mail.  I was so confused.  Why was I getting this?  I thought the repair man who was responding to the “order” was bringing it.

Friday comes…the phone rang it was Windstream.  I was called and told “sorry…no internet for you today”.  WHAT???  I was so crabby.  I had planned to catch up on everything over the weekend.  The lady assured me that I’d have internet by August 5th.  UGH!!  I was also told that I “could just go the library and have internet access if I needed it…business have to do it all the time”.  Well in our little town the library closes at FIVE and work until five….

We had already talked to other people and were investigating a new internet provider.  Who wouldn’t after all this??

Kelli came home and GLORY BEE!!!  She hooked up the modem for me.  I have internet.  I hugged that girl and pronounced her the favorite child of the day!!  I can’t tell you how happy I was!!  I could put 27 explanation points behind that statement and I still don’t think it would express my happiness.

So here I am …on line…writing blog posts.  I know I promised an update on my foot but that didn’t happen.  It’s coming.  Watch for it on Monday night.

If you emailed me lately, please be patient, it’s going to take a bit of time for me to get to the bottom of my inbox.  I have so many fun things to tell you about…this week of childcare, goodies in the mail and oh my, I’ve had no internet so I’ve been SEWING up a storm!  Stay tuned…I’m back!

15 thoughts on “I Have Internet…Glory Bee!!”

  1. I was going to tell you that in this day and age you don’t need outside business help to install a modem. Even I who really does not want to try this tech stuff can plug in a modem and that is about all there is to it. It does help to have grown kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (27)

  2. Welcome back, Jo. I’d definitely find a new Internet company after that! Watch your bill in the next couple of months to make sure they don’t charge for something you didn’t order/get.

  3. So glad you are back on line! It amazes that something we knew nothing about a few years ago we can no longer live without! Internet service providers seem to know nothing about “service”!
    Anyhow,you’re back and that’s what matters!

  4. Just reading about your experience makes my blood boil. Customer service is dead! If you can’t do it yourself, you’re just stuck. It’s terrible. It doesn’t matter the problem, finding someone who actually wants to help you at any price is nearly impossible. It’s sad. I just don’t know how we have evolved to this point. Glad you’re back.

  5. Oh, welcome to my world! We had much of this same pain with Windstream, and it has been ongoing for months! Isn’t it funny how your calls so often get dropped with them? Hmmmm…just reading this makes my blood pressure rise. So glad that you got it all figured out in a relatively short time (we’ve been fighting it off and on for over 6 months!). On a more positive note – can’t wait to see what you’ve been sewing on!

  6. I’m glad you’re back online! In my area, the local telephone company owns all the phone lines so unless you go with satellite internet service you only have one choice. This monopoly also charges a higher price for internet service than the nationwide providers.

  7. I have Time Warner as my internet/ cable service. I have my own modem and was renting their wifi. I started doing some figuring. On what I was paying for wifi, I could buy my own in less than a year and that is what I did. I guess I am lucky, knock on wood, and haven’t had any problems. There is another service in our area and have heard they have had problem so I guess I will stay where I am.
    Glad you are back on line. I really enjoy your blogs and of course your quilts .

  8. LOL!! I have had internet but have been out of town (and State) will catch up with you soon too!!! glad to hear you have your internet back!

  9. Really, some third world countries have better Internet service than the rural U.S. does….and cheaper too. I remember the first guy from the phone co. who came to my house to set up my first broadband Internet. Didn’t know what he was doing. Tried to stick me with a modem that didn’t work. Wouldn’t believe me that the modem was bad. Made him get another one from the truck…he kept saying he wasn’t supposed to hook too many of that type up. He couldn’t even get the working one to connect. Why? Things showed up differently on my computer than on what he usually saw. Finally I told him to just give me the numbers and I would do it myself. That worked! Geez!! I will give my current provider credit, if something is really wrong….and I can figure out if it’s on my end or not…they come right out and fix it. Just this week Internet at the library went out and I told them it was probably the radio in the little dish antenna….we have wireless…they agreed and sent someone out the very next morning. My home Internet & the library’s are from Telebeep Wireless and I can’t say I’ve ever had a major complaint & gotten the runaround, as opposed to those people who have their Internet from Frontier, the phone co.

  10. Glad you’re back. I have never understood the idea that when we are good and angry about lack of service would be a good time to sell us more of their non-existent service. Our cable provider constantly tries to bundle something whenever I call for service. My reply to each and every attempt to sell me is, “But what I have now doesn’t work, why would I give you more money? Can you get me service so this works?” Last time I told him the amount of time I had to wait for service meant more time available for me to look for another provider. Turns out they could have someone out the next day.

  11. Grrr… customer service. Charter is our wireless carrier (only wireless, we dumped cable for an antenna last summer and haven’t looked back – still looking for a new wireless carrier), same stuff, different company. Check out this from the news last night, indicating that companies give the run around on purpose! Just as I suspected!! http://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/how-to-combat-the-frustration-of-customer-service-phone-calls-735012931606

  12. I agree w someone else that buying a new modem is the best way to go. we changed internet providers this yr, its faster and cheaper! we bought a new Modem from Micro Center, they listed on the package the companies it would work w. Micro Center does have a good on line catalog company, and they will talk to you on the phone. Which I appreciate. I like their customer service. I found they were better than the GENIUS at the Apple store Too!

    Shop and buy your own modem drop that extra charge!

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