I have HAPPY feet

My family was SO good to me this Christmas!
My daughter Kayla made these beauties for me…..felted slippers.
These are the most comfy, warm slippers I have ever had…and I have had LOTS of slippers. 
Over Thanksgiving Kayla had brought these giant slippers home and I was a bit skeptical….
…but she felted them and WA-LA….beautiful comfy slippers. 

I always feel honored yet guilty getting a knitted present from Kayla.  I know she puts SO much time, money and energy into making them…and she doesn’t keep anything for herself.  This was the first time I have ever seen anything felted (that was suppose to be felted…)  What a neat process.  I had a great time teasing the whole family at thanksgiving showing them the huge slippers-that were so big….now at Christmas I am running around showing them the slippers that are custom fit just for me!  Check out Kayla’s blog in the days to come and she’ll tell you a bit more about them.

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