In Walked an Elephant

I got myself in trouble.  I do these kinds of things from time to time.  I open my mouth trying to be helpful and in walks an elephant and I need to try to swallow it.

So this is what I did, with Rosie’s close supervision, of course…

The Cresco ladies were here and brought a pile of quilts in various stages.  Some were tops.  Some finished, some one side of the binding was down, and others that just needed binding.  Being so many were finished-or close to being finished- I thought I would just finish them up and see if I could donate them locally.

I contacted someone from our school to see if they knew if there were children in need.  No one got back to me.  So, I decided that I would contact the school district next to us.  I have a friend who works there as a secretary.  She got back to me right away and said she would look into it.

Well, the next day she got back to me and said, Yes, they could use quilts for students.  They counted and figured out they could use 22 quilts.   That was the elephant I need to swallow.

22 quilts.  Oh my.

So I went to get the quilts from the Cresco ladies and get binding them.  That’s when I realized many of them are lap-sized.  I’m sure I can send a couple of them but I really feel like I need to have more that are 60 x 80 or so…I went upstairs to see what I have in my stash of emergency quilts.  I had about five.  Oh my.  I am still short.

So now I am scrambling…
There were three quilt tops that I am adding borders to and binding that came in the latest box of quilts from the Cresco ladies.  I’ll longarm them and put them in the stack.

I just dug through the box of quilt tops that the Cresco ladies brought another time and took three more.  I think they will work to add borders.  OH MY!!

This one is getting only top and bottom borders.

Do you see what I mean when I say I opened my mouth and an ELEPHANT walked in?  Of course, I could say no but that’s not me.  If there is a need, I feel it’s my job to work to fill it.  So if you’re looking for me, I’m scrambling behind the scenes trying to come up with 22 quilts as quickly as I can.

These two have borders, backing and binding.

Happily I’m getting some help.  I contacted the local quilt guild and they said they will scramble and try to provide 10.  YAHOO!!  This is going to work!!  In the meantime, everything for me has stopped while I work on these tops and try to get them completed as quickly as possible!!

These two need a little more work.  I do have them started though.

Like I said, I opened my mouth and in walked and ELEPHANT!!  It’s okay though….I love to help!  I’m so blessed to have some time to be able to.

15 thoughts on “In Walked an Elephant”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    That’s a good discription of a sudden huge job. How do you eat an elephant one bite at a time. That’s great that some children who need covers will get them. Thank you Cresco ladies, Jo and all your helpers.

  2. What a wonderful job you are doing. I would think any size from lap size to twin would be good. Kids are just happy to have something to wrap up in. Happy Creating

  3. Bless you Jo! You are such a good caring soul! Beautiful quilts but I’m wondering why all the quilts have to be large or larger than lap size or was that requested?

  4. I’m SEW glad that you were able to call in reinforcements, Jo! I do have one question. The school secretary said that 22 students could use quilts. Why do you think that lap quilts would not fit the bill?

    1. “lap quilt” is such a vague size. Lap really can mean a little more than a baby-sized quilt. They need to big enough to cover and warm a child when sleeping. Some of the kids getting these are high school kids.

  5. In walked an elephant had me giggling, it does describe your dilemma and I’m glad you called for some help form the local guild. Those kids will be blessed to get something they need. Great job being there when needed.

  6. In walked an elephant had me giggling, it does describe your dilemma and I’m glad you called for some help form the local guild. Those kids will be blessed to get something they need. Great job being there when needed.

  7. Times like this I always ask God to step in and give me a little help, please, if I’m meant to meet this need. He always does, and at the end, you realize it was already handled before I even asked….

    Good for you, Jo, for stepping in always to help meet the needs of others! God bless you!

  8. What a job JO! While it is awesome of you to try to provide 22, if you could only come up with say 15, I would think that would be a big help. How on earth could you know that they would have 22! You can always just say I have XX right now and will contact you again as I get more. Bless you for trying and accomplishing so much! Hugs,

  9. Got an elephant ear or two to send you way later this week. I love to make scrap quilts and then just stack them on the back of my couch. Now the pile is having a hard time staying up there, so guess it is time some of them found “a forever home”, so will send them to you. Already do several a year for my guild charity so I am not depriving anyone around here!

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