I Got a SNEAK Peek!!

I am so excited..I got a sneak peek!!  Can you believe it?  I got a sneak peak of Bonnie Hunter’s new book Addicted to Scraps.  I’m on a list of reviewers for C&T Publishing so all of the reviews get ebook copies of the books that they publish.  Sometimes I opt to download some…sometimes I don’t.

You would be safe to bet that this one I downloaded.

Addicted to Scraps: 12 Vibrant Quilt Projects by Bonnie K. Hunter

You might remember that all summer long I’ve been working on UFO projects with the hope that once the book comes I could sew a quilt or two from the new book guilt free.

I can say that being I am a big Bonnie Hunter fan, tracking her work and reading her blog, that I wasn’t really surprised by the quilts.  Many I had seen a sneak peak of but that didn’t make the book disappointing.  For example you can see the quilt on the cover of the book..but you don’t know the borders…..

In my sights to make are for sure…Moth in the Window.  I cut and cut and cut shirts up this summer so they will be making their way into this quilt for sure.

Of course I love Pinwheel Fancy too!

Bonnie showed this one often on the blog…Carolina Fancy.

There are other quilts in the book that I like as well….I don’t want to show it all to you or you won’t have your own moment to check it all out.

Being I was given an ebook copy I really wouldn’t need to order a book…but of course I will.  As convenient as it is to have a ebook version, so things are all in one place, nothing beats a real life copy.  I wouldn’t miss that.

Bonnie has said that she’ll be offering pre-sales in September…I’ll be watching for that to start and will be purchasing my book from her.  I want an autographed copy and also want to support Bonnie by purchasing the book through her.  You can watch her blog here.

I did have to make myself a little promise though…no new quilts, even though I have the patterns, until the book actually comes out.  I want to keep making progress on those UFOs.

I do have to say that the ebook came at exactly the right time for me…It kept me on the couch with my feet up for a good long while.

Photo rights are all through C&T Publishing.

12 thoughts on “I Got a SNEAK Peek!!”

  1. Bonnie is so nice to do so much for us all. I am at a craft retreat and did a Bargello in Plaid and all 35 blocks for Scrappy Trips. I used a lot of your Yoke shirt fabric that I “won” in each. They will go to our donation group at the guild to be finished and donated.

    I too am waiting for the new book and it is the only book I pay full price for.

  2. I saw preorders for Bonnie’s book on Amazon. But I will wait and order from Bonnie.
    She works too hard, not to get a decent profit from her own book.
    Like you, I plan on an evening of reading her book when it comes :)
    Moth in the window made with shirts is a great idea.

  3. Stephani in N. TX

    Having just finished the Alaska cruise with Bonnie, I really have the triangle rec cutting thing down now, so I won’t be so put-off by many HST’s in a quilt. When I speak to my guild about our comfort quilts, I always talk about the challenge of a quilt with instructions to make 456 HST’s. Not sure I’m that comfortable, but I’m sure over regarding those numbers with horror. This new book looks mighty interesting from your preview. Will want to add to my Bonnie “others.” I have promoted Bonnie heavily in my guild especially with newbies because of Bonnie’s interesting and relevant blog and her many lovely quilts available via the blog. A great starting spot for new quilters and long-time quilters trying to find their way on the Web. Love your blog as well, and thanks again for the preview.

  4. Cheryl in Dallas

    Jo, Maybe you should not have given us this sneak peek. Now I have ants in my pants wanting to get my hands on Bonnie’s new book. Then again, you have given me an idea of what I can do with my cut-up shirts. That Moth In The Window will be a great way to use the shirts.

    I continue to pray for your recovery from foot surgery. Let hubby and the kids take care of YOU for a change.

  5. Jealous, jealous, jealous! And what self-discipline to not start until the book release in September! I have no self-discipline on starts, which is why I am the queen of UFOs in my group. . .I am trying to change that habit, but it is so hard! I did quilt one last night and have the binding ready to attach after supper tonight. I am still working on threesies for Rick Rack Nines.

  6. A co-worker of mine had one of those scooters. It was a lifesaver for him. I bought him a bicycle bell for when he was coming around a corner. Made for great fun in the office. I also got him a make-your-own license plate kit. He put the word OUCH on it. Good luck with your recovery!

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