I Got a New Toy!!

It all started with me wanting to make some of my own picture frames for my cross-stitch pieces.  I figured out how to use the chop saw.  But I had another problem…how to get the pieces together after they were cut.

I had tried this clamp and it was good… (THIS is the link for the clamp)  Still, I didn’t feel comfortable only gluing it.  I felt like I needed some kind of nail something to hold it as well.

I like to use glass on my larger heirloom-type pieces.  That gets heavy and I didn’t feel comfortable only using glue.  So…what’s a gal who knows nothing about framing do except go to youtube.  So I typed in “how to make picture frames”.  This video was one of the offerings.

Just push the play button to watch the short video.  I watched it along with a couple of other videos and I ended up buying this…
the Studio Joiner from the video I shared.  You can find it HERE on Amazon.

I debated over whether I want to spend just over $100 for it…but then I remembered that I had an Amazon credit from the affiliate link on the things that all of you buy.  I ended up using part of that commission money to pay for this.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for using the Amazon links I provide on the blog so that I could get this.  It is MUCH APPRECIATED.

So…I opened the box.  I had to put it together.  That was easy.  Now I had to figure out how to use it.

Between the video and the instruction manual, I was totally able to figure it out.

I’ll try to get Kalissa to come over sometime and maybe we’ll shoot a video of me using it.  I tried to take pictures but I don’t have enough hands to do it.

It uses these little V-Nails.  The hardest thing for me so far is to figure out which type of nail to use. I’m not really smart at looking at wood and being able to tell if it’s hard or soft wood.  So far I’ve taken a guess and been pretty close.

The two pieces of the frame are clamped in place.  The nail is put in place and I pull the handle.  It’s really that easy.

I do put a little bit of wood glue between the frame pieces before I put them into the clamp.

Here I took a photo of the V-Nails after I put them in place.

I’m getting better at it each time I do it.

As they say, practice makes perfect.

I told Kalissa about my little adventure in buying this and she told me I shouldn’t fret about spending that for the tool.  She told me if it makes it easier for me to do something I love, it’s totally worth it.  That and she pointed out that if I just frame one piece myself, it already more than paid for the joiner.

I am SUPER happy with the joiner.  It has made things MUCH easier.  I highly recommend one if you are planning on cutting down and making picture frames yourself.

If you see someone doing the happy dance, it’s me!!

10 thoughts on “I Got a New Toy!!”

  1. I didn’t know I wanted to make my own picture frames, but after watching the video, now I do!! I blame you, Jo haha What a brilliant tool! Kalissa’s right, no need to feel guilty, it will more than pay for itself :-)

  2. I’m like you on how to decide the softness of the wood! But it looks so easy, proud of you for going for it! I would have a problem figuring how to cut the miters…

  3. OMG YES! You’ve framed several things already so the joiner was already paid for!!!! I’m so glad links here paid for this tool. It was FREE! Well, except for the 100s of hours you put into your blog where you make 10 cents an hour spent ;-)

    Congrats on yet another trick in your Jo toolbox! Happy Tuesday.

  4. Jo, if you press your thumb nail into a wood and it leaves a mark, a small dent, it’s a soft wood. If it leaves no mark, it’s a hard wood. Always try it on an inconspicuous spot. I think you’re smart to make the frame stronger.

  5. You are such a great teacher. You’ve already saved $100 by cutting down your own frames, now you are saving the rest of us money by sharing your knowledge. Thank You!

  6. What a smart tool for you to buy. Like Kalissa said, it will pay for itself in the savings. If I were closer to your age, I think I might like to do what you do – cut down frames and create the exact size needed. I am doing a happy dance for you!! It was fun watching the video too.

  7. I like that tool – and it looks like the V-tacks end up going with the grain instead of across it which I like. Thanks for sharing!

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