I found what I was looking for….

For the last few months I have been looking and hunting all the thrift and antique stores I go to trying to find a large container.  I finally found one yesterday when I was out and about….


Any guess what I needed it for?


BUTTONS….Lots of Buttons.

Every time I cut a button off, my hubby just wonders why.  To be honest, sometimes I wonder why too….why do I keep them?  I rarely use them….

I just can’t let the buttons go.  I have fond memories of digging through my mom’s buttons as a kid.  I have fond memories of my kids digging through my buttons looking for different shapes and sizes, finding the unusual, the outrageous… finding a match.

I am thinking that someday I’ll me making those same kind of button memories with a grandchild…maybe that’s why I keep them.

I think the $2 was a good investment for my “someday Grandma box”.

5 thoughts on “I found what I was looking for….”

  1. I envy you your button stash! I loved digging through my Grandma’s buttons when I was young. I spent hours (and I do mean hours) looking through her buttons and I never got tired of them. Keep collecting…..one day your grandchildren will love them too :o)

  2. I’ve got the same kind of memories – but my button can is the size of a coffee can. Still, it might create memories!

  3. So fun! And to think I probably sent some of those large tins to Goodwill over the winter. ;)

    I have button jars. When I sort about 1/3 of my sewing room last fall, I started to get the buttons out of bags & tins & jars. I have a dark jar and a jar of white buttons. :)

    I also have my grandmother’s button box. That hasn’t been sorted yet. I like it the way it is. I, too, played in that as a kid. So thankful I have it now.

  4. My mom had a button box (old cookie or fruitcake tin) that had a wonderful wealth of buttons. I spent many hours picking out some of the pretty buttons to use on doll clothes and later on my clothes. Today I still cut off all the buttons of worn out clothes.

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