I found a WINNER!

I love historical fiction.  I love it realistic…even if the truth hurts.  I found a wonderful book, by Ruta E. Sepetys, that does exactly that…tells the truth even though it hurts.

Between Shades of Gray Book

This is the author’s debut book…I will definitely be looking for more of her work.  It’s truly a winner.

The story takes place in Lithuania during WWII.  A family is taken by Stalin’s soldiers and deported to a work camp.   A line from the book I will never forget is “Have you wondered how much a human person is worth? Well today I found out, one silver pocket watch.” Lina the teen girl in the book says about her brother.  The story is told to us by Lina who sees things with innocent eyes.

I have read many Holocaust stories but I have never read a book telling of the atrocities people of the Balkans lived through during that time.    It is so hard to review a book that tells of people be taken, starved, worked, abused, killed….It seems awful to say “I like the book”.  It seems awful to say “I like to see people survive through such tragedy.”  But, all of those things are true.  I am just so sorry anyone would have ever had to live through something so awful.  It almost makes me feel guilty for liking the book…but I did like it…LOTS.  If you like historical fiction, read this book…or listen to the audio version like I did.

If you’ve read or listened to some good books lately please share.

6 thoughts on “I found a WINNER!”

  1. I read, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, which is a historical non-fiction book that I absolutely loved. The Help by Kathryn Stockett is another historical fiction book that’s good along with The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Mary Ann Schaffer. I really enjoyed both of them. I’ll have to check out your book–thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Historical fiction is my favorite, too. I’ll be looking for this title. Another WWII book, from a German woman’s perspective, is “Those Who Save Us”, by Jeana Blum. When you can handle some more of that subject, I really recommend it. I read it two years ago, and it still stays with me!

  3. I agree with Jan. “Those who Save Us” was an excellent book, Jeanna Blum is originally from Minnesota.
    “The Book Thief ” is another favorite of mine from that genre.

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