I confess….I’m a BOM addict.

Okay, okay…I know I committed to the Joy in the New Year Challenge, and I really should be working on all the projects that are on my list instead of starting new projects.  BUT…I just can’t resist a Block of the Month(BOM) Project. 
A couple days ago when I saw a post over at Badlands Quilts about a free online Block of the Month project from Two Creative Studios, I just couldn’t resist….

In fact, I didn’t even try to resist.  I just jumped right in.  I used my civil war fabrics.  I ended up liking the colors together so much that I hunted online until I could find more of the pink fabric.  Isn’t it crazy that when I was child I was told again and again that pink and red couldn’t go together, yet don’t they look good together in these blocks?  That’s what I love about civil war fabrics…everything just seems to match.

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