I Caved In…and am Glad I Did!

Remember I said I wanted to get a red African Violet….well, I caved in and ordered.  I don’t remember which blog reader but someone mentioned the Violet Barn in a comment.  Well ever since then if I have a spare few minutes I’m over there checking out African Violets.  I’ve held off and held off knowing that if I buy on violet, I’ll like keep clicking “add to the cart” until I have lots.

Well…I did cave…and I did get several.  I was a little apprehensive wondering how they would ship but the company says if I wasn’t satisfied, they would work with me so…would I be satisfied?


I opened the box and so far, so good.


Care instructions were included….lots of cushion type packing for the plants too.


Here’s my sneak peak at the new little babies…..

Seeing baby chicks for the first time is the only thing that came close to opening these up….I’m in love already.

Look at the care that was taken in packaging these.


Here’s my new little set of babies.

One of these plants is going to grow up and be this…. (photo courtesy of Violet Barn)

Click to enlarge

I can’t wait!!

This one I added to my order right at the end.  It’s a semi-miniature.  Precious!!


So cute!!  Variegated plants with the white tips around the edges are a favorite of mine!



When this little guy gets bigger he’ll look more like this…(photo courtesy of Violet Barn)

Click to enlarge

In the end, I have two leaves that had broken off.  That wasn’t too bad.  I likely broke them as I was unpackaging the plants.

I am super happy with the plants…now I need to move things around so I have more space!  It’s a plant lovers constant struggle….space!!  I know I’ll order again from the Violet Barn.  They have lots of varieties.  I could order this many plants many-many-many times and there would still be more I’d want…oh no.  I think I’ve created a monster!!

8 thoughts on “I Caved In…and am Glad I Did!”

  1. A red violet? who knew! All of them look so unique, cant wait to see there progress growing in the window. I’m tempted to go check out the Violet Barn but I think I will just enjoy thru you.

  2. I think I was the person who pointed you to the violet barn, a while back.

    I have ordered from them for years, and always been happy.

    All plants have always arrived alive and healthy. Some have.. Taken a while to rebloom..
    Some grow slower, but all have survived. I have Violets from them, from 7 or 8 years ago.


  3. Oh–I just have to have some too….I have more plants (of all types) already than you could ever imagine…always room for one more???????

  4. Phyllis Dietel

    So happy for you – violets are wonderful things – a feast for the eyes! I hope you saved the broken leafs and used them to start new plants. All that’s needed is a small jar or glass, some wax paper and a rubber band. Fill the glass with water, form the wax paper over the top of the glass and secure with the rubber band. Poke a hole in the center of the paper just large enough to hold the stem of one of the leafs. Stick the stem through the hole making certain it reaches into the water. It won’t be long and you’ll see hair like roots forming and plenty form, you’ll be able to plant the leaf and have a whole new plant!!! Once good roots form, I’ve always added violet potting soil to the glass, a little at a time, to help the new roots attach to the soil. I then transplant the new violet to a pot with a saucer which allows me to water from the bottom rather than the top.

  5. Jo, i saved this post a little while ago until i had time. Love the violets and couldnt resist going to Violet Barn but i guess I’ll have to enjoy them through you. Shipping to me on B C’s west coasr was $95 for a $50 order

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