I Bought Fabric!!

Notice the title of this post, “I Bought Fabric!!”? When I sat down to write this blog post I was trying to think of a title and that’s the most newsworthy title I could come up with. HA! I rarely buy fabric…and when I do, it’s typically from the thrift store so I guess this is newsworthy because not only did I buy fabric at one store…I bought fabric at two quilt shops…and a thrift store. HA!

When my daughter Kelli and I went to Rochester for my appointment at Mayo Clinic on February 29th, she wanted to go shopping following the appointment. I said okay and let her shop where she wanted. Luckily it was only two places with the condition that I could stop at Pine Needles the quilt shop. That was okay with Kelli because she doesn’t mink quilt shopping. I had wanted to stop all week long but I was in and out of appointments and back to work so it never worked out that I could. Thursday was my day off so I didn’t have to hurry back and Kelli’s shopping had us in town later in the day.

I had two old gift certificates from Pine Needles that I wanted to use. I was pretty sure what I wanted but I didn’t know if they had it. For a long time I’ve been wanting some Lori Holt fabric. I watch her YouTube videos frequently and have several of her books, but I’ve only made a quilt or two and those weren’t from her fabric. Just one time…maybe two, I thought it might be fun to make a quilt with her fabric.

My goal was to not really shop…just an in-and-out stop. If they had the fabric, I’d use my gift card and buy some. If they didn’t, I’d just leave. I didn’t want to be tempted by anything else.

So I walked and immediately to my left, there was Lori Holt fabric and better yet, there was a fat quarter bundle. Yep. That was easy enough. My gift card didn’t quite cover it but that was okay. I think I had to spend $40 of my own money. Not bad. I had something I was excited about.

I believe my bundle is the Calico line. I’m so excited. I am too cheap and would have never bought the bundle if I had had to pay for it with no gift certificate.

I probably should have taken pictures of the shop but there were a lot of people in the store. Classes were going on and I was wanting to head home so I could pack for the hospital the next day.

On the way home I mentioned to Kelli that there was a thrift store in Cresco. Did she want to break up the drive and stop? She hadn’t been to this thrift store before. She was happy and I was happy too as well especially when we walked in the everything was 1/2 off for a leap day special. Kelli found some clothes for the kids and I found some things for Kalissa’s boys. Kelli was still looking at clothes so I went off and look what I found…

Lots of fabric and it was all cheap and all 1/2 price. The Civil War charm pack was 50 cents. WOW! I was doing the happy dance. the flannel and Minkee I’ll send to Jazz. The T-shirt fabric will go to Carolyn. The Mickey print the Cresco Ladies. I’m only keeping a small bit of it.

I also bought this kit. It was there and 1/2 price as well. It was originally $8. The book came with it. I didn’t have any intention of making the kitted project.

I just wanted the fabric. Those homespuns would be great for the backing of Fall cross stitch pieces. The other fabric will get absorbed into my other fabric and the wool felt I’ll pass on to the thrift store. It was definitely still worth $4.

Then being I was in Cresco I told Kelli I wanted to stop at the quilt shop. I was wondering if they might have Lori Holt fabric. If I’m going to make a quilt I need more white background prints…and I was hoping she might have Lori Hold fabric from a different fabric line so I could mix and match the prints. It turns out she did have some but it was the same fabric line. I ended up buying a little more.

Then while my fabric was being cut I saw that they had FFA fabric. Do you remember my son-in-law Craig asked if I could make a quilt for their fundraiser?

Buying this panel would sure make it a lot easier…so I did. I bought the panel and a couple of coordinating prints. I have no idea what I’m making yet but it’s enough for a start. I’ll just make a throw-sized. If he wants a bigger quilt, the next time he’ll have to give me a bigger notice. HA!

This is pretty much what happens with me. I don’t buy fabric and don’t buy fabric and then the flood gate opens and buy a lot.

I think I would have continued my no-buy streak but I wanted to get that gift card used up.

I’ve been paging through the Lori Holt book trying to figure out what quilt I should make. So far, these two are at the top of my list.

The Granny Star Quilt…

The Checkerboard Star Quilt…

…and if I am really careful and add some more background prints I could maybe make this quilt too?

All of these are from the book Scrappiness is Happiness. You can find it HERE. It’s FULL of great quilts. Most are easier than the ones I picked.

Good news…I did look around online a bit. Whittles Fabrics has Lori Holt fabric for $7.95 a yard. You can see the selection HERE. I looked at Quilted Twins. They also have Lori Holt fabric, including backing fabric at a good price. They have some half-yard bundles too. You can see it HERE. All of those are at discounted prices.

I know the Fat Quarter shop would have everything Lori Holt, but I’m a little afraid to check it out…and the prices aren’t discounted. I think I’ll have to buy some background fabric at full price. YES. I’m cheap like that. HA!! I am making myself finish a couple more UFO projects before I cut a quilt out but it’s here and it’s calling my name!! It’s calling my name loudly!

So that’s my story of how I started falling down the Lori Holt fabric hole.

P.S. Maybe we should do a sew-along for one of the quilts in the book?! Thoughts??

23 thoughts on “I Bought Fabric!!”

  1. I love Lori Holt backgrounds – haven’t got any though as it is so expensive over here. But I also enjoy watching her and she has some gorgeous quilts. I also love the granny stars too. Not got the book yet – methinks I must!
    Thank you for the smiles you have given me this morning.

  2. Gloria from CC

    Sounds like you had a fun and productive day. It’s fun when a plan comes together. I shop at Quilted Twins in Florida a lot. Nice people, good selection and prices. I just bought the 2023 Florida shop hop quilt kit at a reduced cost, the 2024 Florida shop hop beach bag kit, and the Stallions panel kit. All are gifts and will be appreciated.

  3. Wow – what a great haul! I do love her fabric and it truly is expensive but maybe one day I’ll collect all of my birthday money and buy some! :-)
    Nice find at the thrift store. You know, I have found that many thrift stores don’t know how to measure fabric and either guess or get it wrong. I bought some that was suppose to be 1 1/2 yards and ended up being less than a yard. Why? because they had the numbers mixed up and measured wrong – oh well – it was still a good price – next time I’ll measure it myself. LOL!
    Love and prayers

      1. My checkerboard square quilt on my bed tonight! A very fun pattern to make. I shopped my stash for fabrics and eliminated the sashes. Really like the small 9 patch block in the center.

  4. Count me in on a Lori Holt sew along. I’ve had the Scrappiness is Happiness Book since it came out and have made nothing from it. I need a kick in the pants to get me started. Great finds at the thrift store. You are always so good at picking up bargains for others. I love your giving heart.

  5. I have an older fat quarter bundle of Lori Holt fabric that I bought on sale years ago from Southern Fabric. I haven’t had the nerve to cut into it. It’s just sitting on my shelf. I pull it out occasionally, pet it, and put it back. Right now, I’m focused on making all the quilt kits I purchased years ago and just had to have at the time.

  6. Scrappiness is Happiness is a great book and I have started the spare square block! So many patterns in the book I want to make.

  7. Jo, you are a bad influence on me! You say “want to do a sewalong?” and I say “sure, let’s do this!” In the meantime all my other squirrels get shelved. I love it!

  8. Just checked. I also have the book and haven’t made anything from it. Would love to make Spare Squares. Oh hell, I’ll make whatever you make!

  9. I have the Happiness is Scrappiness book as well, love it. I have begun to buy shirts that have similar patterns to the Bee Background fabrics. There are actually a lot of shirts that fit the criteria , and some doonas too. Even better if they are on half price day.

  10. Definitely a great day for you.Love the fabrics and will have to search for the book. For some reason the name Pine Needles sticks out… I may have worked with a lady from Ne who had a cousin who had a shop by that name out your way.Her name was Trina. She travels between Tx and SD now. Glad you were able to have such a Wonderful time with your daughter and a super great bargain day out. Prayers and blessings to you.

    1. I typically look at the selvage as I know many of the companies that make primarily cotton. I’m pretty good about feel too.

  11. – I agree with others, I would be in for a quilt along! I have the book Scrappiness is Happiness! I will start to collect fabric for it. I keep looking for new sew with Jo. You take care

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