I am having an affair…

Yes, you read the title right.  I am having an affair….a love affair with THESE blocks.
Aren’t they stunning?  Last night I took two hours of time for sewing and I only got five blocks made.  Then I was up bright and early to make another….I just can’t wait to get them all together and into my wall hanging.  So far, I have only had to do 1″ worth of “un”sewing.  I have a system down so I am guessing that the next seven blocks will be a bit quicker.

These are all part of my Country Threads Reproduction Club quilt.  You can read more about it by following the link.   This is the second quilt from the reproduction club that I have made.  Here’s a link to the first quilt from the club.  If you aren’t part of the club and like the quilts, don’t panic, Country Threads will release all of these patterns in January.

I have put this quilt on the top of my list as the next installment from the club will be coming by mid-month…oh, so little time for so much piecing.  In the mean time, these blocks keep calling.

8 thoughts on “I am having an affair…”

  1. Those blocks are beautiful – o.m.gosh….I just love them!
    I’m a huge fan of reproduction fabrics.
    Your quilt club sounds wonderful too!


    1. I just got Judy, from Patchwork Junction’s, new book today. It is awesome. It breaks quilt making up into one hour segments. Maybe you don’t have gobs of time but I bet you could sneak out a hour’s worth of time here and there.

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