I am a cheapskate….

I admit it…I am a cheapskate.  I do what I can to try to make things last as long as I can.  Sometimes it’s because I hate waste.  Sometimes it’s because town is a half hour away…and sometimes, it’s just because I like the challenge of it all.

It’s been hot here lately.  Heat indexes have slowly worked their way past 95 degrees….hot and very humid.  The chickens have been drinking and drinking water.  I’ve been out checking them two or three times a day.  Yesterday in the middle of the heat, one of the chicken waters sprung a leak.   Near the top of the water was a small hole but the hole was small enough that I couldn’t even see it.

Well…glue gun to the rescue.  I put glue on the outside and and glue on the inside of the hole.  It worked….the chickens have water and I didn’t have to run to town.  I will pick up a spare water next time I’m in town just in case the patch doesn’t last forever.  For now, the chickens have three waters and I don’t have to worry about them.

5 thoughts on “I am a cheapskate….”

  1. jo. this is off subject But i don’t know who to ask. In bonnie trip around with scraps she says to press every other seams on a 12 inch blocks/Could you explain it more in details to me. one planned to start one in a few weeks. My eyes are so weak i cannot see the way she press them. Thanks Marie. i love your blogg and keep up with you. it makes me Happy.

  2. I don’t think you are being a cheapskate. With the price of gas and the distance you drive into town, I think you are being resourceful. Why make that trip when a dab of glue will hold it until you get to town again and run all your errands at once. The money you save will buy fabric!

  3. Our son’s undergraduate degree at Ohio State University is in industrial design and he had an assignment while there to ask people to give him a problem that they had so he could design a solution. After a few minutes with DH & I, he shrugged his shoulders and said we couldn’t help him with the assignment because whenever we faced a problem, we improvised and figured out somethng that would solve it!!! Guess that was a pretty high compliment!! lol!!

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