Life here has been a juggling act.  Kelli and I have deadline quilts.  I am under going a complete redo on my Making Learning Fun website and it’s not going smoothly.  I have work to do for the new house.  I have to hold down the fort here while Hubby’s in the field.  It seems day by day all I’m doing is the thing that’s on the top of the priority list and that’s it.  I am managing but I’ve learned not to play for anything.

Tuesday my goal was to vote then go to town and check on the house.  Now with the time change, I can’t see what’s happening if I go at night.  With that done my next task was to put the borders on the last two of the three quilts I am currently working on and then start a quilt that has to be to it’s destination by the 20th (yep, haven’t started sewing it yet)!!

That’s when I got a call from the cabinet makers.  They had an opening in their schedule and they wanted to know if they could come and pick up the cabinets that we wanted stained and varnished. WHAT?!?!  Yes but NO!

Remember I had been working on the big white cabinet stripping it??  This is the before picture.

Well I had been doing pretty good with it until my wrist started acting up…then I took a leave of absence.  Only problem, there wasn’t a replacement worker to fill in for me so it sat waiting for my wrist to heal.

I didn’t want the house project to be delayed so I just told them yes.  They could come pick up the cabinets tomorrow.  UGH.  What was I thinking?!?!?  I had wanted to paint the inside of the cabinet that Hubby bought.  The inside had been painted before but it was grubby looking.


I quick added a fresh coat of paint.  Only problem I ran out and couldn’t do the shelf boards.  That’s okay…it was a start and I didn’t spill any paint on it!

Now onto the big white cabinet.  The last time I showed it to you it was on it’s side like this…

One side was still in bad shape and I hadn’t been over it with 100 and then 150 grit sandpaper.  Plus the side that was left to do had wainscoting crevasses in it. There was no one around to do it except me so I started in on it with my wrist brace in place.

I worked on it for a solid 3 hours.  My wrist handled it pretty well.  Then I called Craig and Kalissa to see if we could get it stood up again.

That’s when Craig volunteered to finish the sanding.


I didn’t get the inside of this painted yet but it’s good enough to go get it’s stain and varnish.  I can paint the inside when it come back home.  I am actually hoping we can move it to the new house and that it won’t have to come back here!

It’s far from perfect but I’m okay with that.  It’s a primitive old piece and I want it to keep some character.  I am anxious to see what it will look like though.

So now where was I??  Oh…it looks like those quilts that needed borders just got dropped down the list and that the deadline quilt just jumped in front of it.  Priorities, priorities…..

As much as I sometimes complain about my jobs and juggling everything, I am thankful that I have a job and lifestyle that allows me to do that.  On days like this when a priority shifts and new things pop into place I can make those adjustments to my priority list.  I don’t have to “okay” it with a boss.  I don’t have to approve it with anyone.

Sometimes I get frustrated because it’s hard to focus on one thing when there are so many irons in the fire but in reality, when I really stop and think about it, I love all those irons.  I love blogging.  I love that quilting is turning into a bit of a job.  I love my website Making Learning Fun.  I REALLY love being a wife and mom.  I love all of those things.  I don’t want to give any of them up.

I’ve talked with family before about how so many things in my life are a double edged sword.  I love that I have all these jobs with creative outlets but sometimes the juggling act can to overwhelming.  I love that I work from home but sometimes I hate that I never get out.  It’s all a glass half empty and half thing.  Happily I consider my job more than half on most days.

I really do love my jobs and am so thankful for them.  Sometimes I just need to remember to step and remember to give thanks even in stressful times.  Today I am thankful for my jobs.

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  1. I am new to your blog and want to let you know how much I am enjoying each of your posts. I grew up in Central Illinois but have lived on the east coast for many years; your “voice” in your blog posts takes me home to the Midwest (and I will always be a Midwesterner, no matter how many years since I have lived there). Each of your posts, whether about quilting or any other aspect of your life, is a pleasure to read. I just wanted to say thanks.

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