Hunter’s Star: FINISHED!!

Here it is people….Hunter’s Star and it’s completely finished.

I am THRILLED with it.  I started this at the same time I started the mystery.  I would sew the mystery clue and then sew on the Hunter’s Star quilt.  I had a secret hope that I could finish them both at the same time…and for the most part, I did.  I had Hunter’s Star into a top but abandoned that when the reveal for the mystery came out.  I finished the mystery and then loaded this on the frame right away.

I hurried to finish this up while there was still some light hoping I could get outside to take some pictures.  I have a clothesline up between the two pillars of the porch and I pin my quilts to it when I take pictures.

We got our first big snow of the winter over the weekend but up until then, for the most part, Iowa hasn’t had a lot of snow.  I was totally okay with that!!

I got the quilt off the frame on Sunday…

then on to binding.

Then is was picture taking time!!

You can see from the photo above what I did for a quilting motif.  I was a swirl then a couple pointed bands around that.  I’ve been using this quite a bit lately.  I seem to get in a rut and then stay there.

The thread was a tan on top…red on the back.

The backing was a red that is 108″ wide.  I got it awhile ago at a going out of business sale.  I had planned to use it for my Texas Braid quilt but the red was too bright.  It was brighter than I preferred for this quilt but, I’m using things up….and this was a quilt that could tolerate the brighter red.

Just look…this is why I love strings so much.  Image how boring the quilt would be if those string portions were only one color.  STRINGS!!!

Check out that upper right quadrant.  Look near the top.  See that cream that looks blueish?  In hindsight, I wish I had not used that print.  From looking a bit away from the quilt, it almost looks like I washed the quilt and there was a blue pen in the wash with it.  

That’s okay….lesson learned.  It’s not a big deal…I’m not upset about it.  I am a person who likes to look and assess what I could have done to make a quilt better.  For me, that’s what I see.

Of course, every quilt needs a Ruby picture…Here it is.

Kelli and Connie both razz me about my love of red.  Seriously though.  This quilt can be on a bed from before Christmas…into Valentines Day and again out near the 4th of July.  For now, this one is staying with me, at my house….someday I might part with it if the cause is near and dear…otherwise, this one is a Kramer house quilt.

Has anyone else started this one??

P.S.  It’s Kelli’s birthday today.

43 thoughts on “Hunter’s Star: FINISHED!!”

  1. Wow you are on a roll! Beautiful quilt and yes the strings does add so much to the quilt! This is definitely a keeper! Happy birthday Kelli!

  2. Beautiful. I dont care for strings either but sewing 1.5″ strips together could work. And I have a 1.5″ ccutter for the accuquilt. And enough neutrals to go for a while. I’m not buying String Frenzy so wont be getting the pattern. Bummer. Maybe Bonnie will sell it.

  3. Have a wonderful, blessed, nausea free birthday Kelli! The quilt is lovely. Funny how I only notice that one print after you pointed it out, lol

  4. Love your quilt and all the reds are beautiful. So glad you got it finished like you wanted. Also Happy Birthday to Kelli.

  5. Happy Birthday Kelli! Have a great day. I’ll be thinking of you.

    I have a daughter Kelli also, spelled the same too. Any baby news?

    Red is the best color, or maybe pink, or blue, or green, or yellow………oh heck they are all great, the more the better.

  6. Happy birthday Kelli! I love your quilt, Jo! It’s beautiful in red but I am making it in blue because it will go better with my home. I hope it turns out as nice as yours.

  7. Jo – love the quilt. I have a red and white log cabin quilt on my bed right now. (Although it is covered up by a bigger blue and white log cabin quilt.)

    Happy Birthday Kelli – hope the pregnancy is going better and that you are feeling fine!

  8. Happy birthday, Kelli!

    It’s a lovely Hunter’s Star. One that’s been on my list for a while, but I haven’t decided if a string version is for me or not.

  9. Jo—-That quilt is gorgeous! I’m always amazed at how fast you get things done.
    Kelli—Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  10. Quilting Tangent

    Happy Birthday Kelli! I love that the quilt has differt reds and white/creams. It is so much more interesting. Great job. On my hit list to make.

  11. Happy Birthday to Kelli! hope you have a wonderful day celebrating. Jo, I really like your Hunters Star and all those reds! wow! love it since red is one of my favorite colors also. Your finish is wonderful, congratulations!

  12. Kathleen Rountree

    I know you probably said this ten times before – but this is a Bonnie H pattern, isn’t it? Which book is it in, please ??? thank you,

  13. Jo, I LOVE your quilt. Did you wash the quilt and dry it when you were done? Just curious about all the reds bleeding? I made a snowman quilt for my sister for Christmas, put on an old Country Threads blue for the border. To my horror, that blue bled
    Onto my beige background. She hasn’t said anything and I haven’t told her as it kinda looks like the beige was mottled with a blue. I never thought that medium blue would bleed and I used 3 colorcatchers in the wash and they were all blue too.

  14. HaPpY BiRtHdAy KeLlI !
    Bonnie sells the pattern by itself in her shop.
    I to am not a fan of string quilts for the most part but have loved this version from the start. Your quilt is truly beautiful.

  15. I have always been afraid to tackle the Hunter’s Star quilt. Your version is so beautiful, and well made, with the many reds, and strings! It is too appealing to pass up! Thanks for the encouragement! Happy Belated birthday to Kelli! Best wishes with your pregnancy! : ) Brenda King, Bend, Oregon

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