Hubby’s Work/Play

Remember we did the new cement driveway awhile back….


After the workers left and the cement was dry we found we had lots of work to do.  First Hubby got the gravel put down, then we ordered a load of black dirt.  The cement was much higher than the grass so we needed to put dirt in there to make it look right.


We had to smooth the dirt way out into the lawn in order to make it look right.


Hubby’s boss lets him use the skid loader which makes these jobs so much easier.


After he got it all leveled out and worked, we ran to town and got grass seed.  Right now it looks terrible but hopefully next spring it will look LOTS better.


We have our fingers crossed for a few good rains.  It’s so hard to get grass growing and moisture is the key to making it all happen.  If we don’t have rain, we’ll be dragging out the sprinklers.

We’re happy to have this done.  There is always so much to do before Hubby gets busy in the field.  We still need to clean off much of the garden.  With no killing frost to date, it’s hard to clean it all off when I’m still getting tomatoes and the Swiss Chard is producing.  We need to dig the sweet potatoes too but I’ve been told they shouldn’t be dug until after a hard freeze.  We’ve had record breaking temperatures here in the 90’s so it’s really hard to think of fall with coats and jackets.

Hubby is starting in the field with harvest next week…..I am not looking forward to being a farm widow….at least this job is finished.  We’ll see how good it all turned out once spring is here.

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