Hubby’s Saturday Work

I’ve told you in the past weeks Hubby has been working all he can here outside.  He’s wanted to get the lawn and outdoor things done before he gets busy harvesting the crops.

A couple weeks ago we ended getting more dirt hauled in and he had the skid loader back to town to get the soil all level and graded the way it needed to be.  Then we ended up hiring someone to come and seed it…and we are so glad we did.  He did a marvelous job and it wasn’t terribly expensive.

The grass is up and looking pretty good. (the picture is poor..sorry)  Every time I look out the window I can’t help but start singing…”I see fields of green.  Red roses too…”


Part of the grass area got the treatment of straw thatching.  There is a slope to parts of it and it needed it.  To many of you, you likely aren’t impressed.  Me, I am head over heals with excitement.  I am so tired of dirt.  Then it would rain and Ruby would go out and get muddy and drag the mud into the house.  The brown hard wood floors just don’t like mud.  I’d have dog prints everywhere if I didn’t clean her feet each time I brought her in.  This is a wonderful blessing and gives me hope that I might have a completed looking house by the time next spring rolls around..(at least I can hope)

Through our electric company, Aliant, we were able to purchase 3 trees.  Each of the trees were only $25 each.  It was a wonderful deal that I was very thankful to be a part of.  I picked them up on the Thursday and then Hubby planted them last Saturday.  There are only a limited number of varieties and a limited number of trees that they have.  We were very happy that we were able to get two Sugar Maples and one Burr Oak.  The Maples are at the back of the house and the Burr Oak at the front.


I did stop by the nursery to check to see if there were apple trees.  They didn’t have any in but I did put my name on the list for two for next year.  I think that will be all the trees we need.

For his part, Hubby got done just in time.  They started harvesting on Monday.  Now comes the widow season.  I always suspect that I’ll get lots done then but typically I don’t.  I end up doing Hubby’s household chores so I just plug along.

Slow and steady this house is looking better all the time.  I’ll say it over and over..I am so glad we moved even though it’s been a pretty slow process.

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