Hubby’s New Invention

I have a Pfaff Grand Quilter with a Next Generation Frame that I use for my machine quilting.  It comes with a little plastic tool that is used to roll the tubing that holds the fabric and batting in place.

Well, I lost mine.  I was patient and figured it would show up, but it hasn’t.  I have cleaned the room, and looked everywhere.  I am guessing I set it down and dog thought it was a toy and hid it because I can’t find it anywhere.  I was lamenting to my hubby and groaning over the imagined cost to replace it.   He went out to the garage and came in a short time later with a rolling tool that is used to replace screens in windows.  I tried it and it was helpful but just not quite good enough…I explained that the rolling part needed to be about two washer widths wide.

Hubby went down to the shop and came back with this.  It isn’t pretty…but boy does it ever work!


He welded one small bolt onto a large bolt then added the washers and nuts.  Honestly, I like it better than the original tool.  Here it is in action.


It works like a dream.  Now I don’t care if I ever find the other one.  I highly doubt the dog will mistake this for a toy.

This is just one of the MANY things my hubby does for me that I really appreciate.  I am so blessed to have a mechanical, inventive guy around.

13 thoughts on “Hubby’s New Invention”

  1. I know how lucky you are because I have one of those too. The inventive husband, not the quilter. I would LOVE the quilter.

  2. Jo I think I am married to your husband’s clone. This sounds so familiar. Yes, I am at times greatful for his inventiveness, but sometimes I hate it as I never get anything new again. Thanks for a great blog. I am a daily reader but once in a blue moon poster.

  3. Jo, I also have the Pfaff Grand Quilter and frame. I made canvas thingies (OK, so I’m old and words escape me at times, LOL) and rolled them into place. They stay there and I pin to them instead of rolling and attaching with the tube each time. It works better for me. Now that I read this again, I hope it makes sense.

  4. I have the same set up – but I’ve never gotten that tube/roller thing to work and hold the leader cloth in place – duct tape to the rescue. Do you use a leader cloth? By the pic is appears not. I have often wished I lived closer so you could show me some “tricks” with the setup! examples- threads breaking…….. (read some of your ideas on that), vibration, roller care, etc

  5. My dad is a retired farmer and he was always coming up with a handy gadget. A little red paint on the handle would spruce yours up a bit, glad it works so well. Hubby is a keeper!

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