Hubby’s Idea for a Rug

So for the last 5 months or so I’ve periodically been told by Hubby that there was a steer at the farm that he loved the coloring of really wanted to preserve the hide once it was butchered.  I really didn’t think he was serious so I said okay…sure.

Well as time went on I began to think well maybe he was serious.  He was telling people and asking if anyone knew who could preserve it for him.  Then one day he was on the computer and was actually calling places.  That made me start to think he was serious.

I didn’t hate the idea.  If it meant a lot to him, I was fine with it.  I knew if must if he went to the work of learning more about it and asking his boss if he could have the hide.  Well Wednesday of last week the steer went to be butchered and Hubby go his hide.  (Sorry if this grosses anyone out.)


From here the hide was folded up and put into garbage bags and froze.  It’s in my freezer right now.  That’s where it’s staying until the weather cools.  Apparently there is a place in Owatonna, Minnesota that processes them but they don’t do it in the heat over the summer months.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of the hide.

I was really proud of Hubby in this whole process.  He used to laugh at what I blogged about and this time as he was getting ready to fold the hide up he said I’ve been waiting for you take pictures.  I had a questioning look on my face and he said-you know…pictures for the blog.  I was just shocked that he followed through and brought it home that I had forgotten all about taking any pictures.

So that’s Hubby’s idea for a rug…a steer hide rug.  The idea is actually growing on me.  I’m not sure which room it will go and for now, it looks like I have a bit more time to think on it.

13 thoughts on “Hubby’s Idea for a Rug”

  1. Living in Texas, we see this all the time. We were at a bbq one time and the hides were actually used on the picnic table. The owner said when the events are over, she just hoses them off! Made me laugh!

  2. Vicki McCormick

    love it. My husband was a deer hunter and always wanted to tan the hides. He figured I could sew them into something, lol. He researched it a lot, but never got around to it.

  3. This rug will be uniquely yours. I love things that are this personal, although I’m not sure I’d go as far as a steer hide rug. But it fits your life, and Hubby’s, perfectly.

  4. We are on our 2nd hide in the entry way of the house. First one lasted ten years before the hide got kinda bald. We bought ours during the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas at one of the shopping experiences. Love them!

  5. We have had an elk and deer hides done. The place that processed them took a really long time about a year as I remember.

  6. If you had to post this subject, I would have preferred to have seen the finished product; there are many of us who are sensitive to scenes like this.

  7. I had to laugh… more at the comments than at the post. I personally love cow hide rugs. I want one for my “Texas” room. And yes, they are durable rugs. I think you’ll love it once it’s finished.

  8. OMG! That’s so awsome! I’m with Doris, the comments are funny. The hide “rug” is really unique and you’re hubby has great taste. I’m sure thet you will find a wonderful place in your home for it to “shine” but the simple fact that now you get to pick on the kids with “your going to have to live with it someday” , is going to come in handy, i’m sure!

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