Hubby’s Garage Projects

Since I started being a child care provider again there is something I miss…doing projects with Hubby in the garage.  Yes, I still do a bit but not nearly as much as I used to do.

For a week and a half he has spent evenings in the garage.  To be honest, he gets more garage time than I get quilting time.  That’s okay with me though because he is busy out there working on projects that are for us.  His latest project….the trellis.

Many years ago-likely 18 or so, Hubby and our son Buck built this trellis.  I have long loved it.  We’ve painted and repainted it twice.  This time it need to be stripped before it was painted.


When we had our garage sale we had a “junk-er” person go over to the back garage and then offer us money for the trellis but both of us said no.  It’s part sentiment and part that we both really still like it.

He’s got it all stripped and ready for me to paint.  He hasn’t asked me to paint it but every indication he’s given leads me to believe that wants me too….saying things like “I need to get to town to get the paint for you”. looks like it’s my job and that’s okay.  I love working with him.  Doing project together and working on this we like together really keeps us close…and it gives us a shared history.  That to me is priceless.

Right now plans are for us to finish it up and put it on the east end of our future garden spot.  I think there will be a row of flower garden before the actual vegetable garden starts…  It looks like I have one of my weekend projects.  What are you working on??

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  1. Janinne Garrett

    I just took a wedding gift quilt in to the long armer which means tomorrow I can work on a Row by Row row.

  2. What am I working on? It’s gonna be hot in west central Iowa sooooo I’m staying inside. The house has gone by the wayside for two weeks and this is it! It’s going to get cleaned……after I go sew with my friends today. I am putting a sleeve on a quilt going to the Des Moines Quilt Guild show that is part of ‘Quilt Week’ in Des Moines and I hope to finish the dragon fly quilt that will also go to the show. I probably won’t get the jewels on the dragon fly but it’ll be close. I need to get the wool block of the month going so I don’t get behind in that project. Keeping up with the yard and my projects has kept me hopping this year! Oh! I forgot! I also have to finish the small group project that goes to the show! I better get out from in front of this computer and get started! Have a good productive weekend everyone!

  3. ive been busy potting plants and decorating our new pergola area. It’s winter here in Melbourne Australia. So I’m limited. But I got itchy hands waiting for spring. So for now indoor activities are the priorities
    Love the arch. No I wouldn’t sell it either

  4. Hubby and I worked in the yard together today, cut down 2 dead fruit trees, and organized the shed. It’s one of the few things we do together. He doesn’t like DIY projects and I love them, He loves to play golf so I quilt when he does that. We also like to cook together… sometimes… tonight we made homemade salsa, verde salsa, guacamole, and margaritas this evening. YUMMY!!!

  5. I love the trellis. I can see why someone wanted to buy it.

    I just wanted to tell you that I loved your blog, but I quit following for awhile. It took way too long to load for me. We have DSL, but unfortunately, we can only get their slowest speed. It’s a lot faster than the dial up we could only get for a long time. Out in the country, yes, but not in the boonies. Another blog referred me to your challenge, and I was happy to see your blog is now in my time limit for how much time I will spend waiting…

    I’m a day late to enter your challenge, but I’d like to enter and don’t have a blog, so I’ll give Facebook a try. I couldn’t find where your email address is.

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