Hubby’s Coffee Table

Remember me telling you about Hubby’s work in the garage and how he was going to transform a cheap $2 coffee table find into a fun coffee table that I’d actually like?  Well he did it.

The top started out like this…


Then the table got it’s first fix…a new top.


There was no drawer with it, so Hubby created one.  You might remember that he lined it with tin to give the drawer some depth.  Nothing heavy will ever be in the drawer so it’s perfect.

I was next to do my part with the paint.  Remember I was trying to choose between the graphite and cream Annie Sloan chalk paint.  Well, I went with….GRAPHITE!!  I think it was a good choice.  I know lots of people lean towards more of a white but I liked this.

It’s staying as it with the primitive look on top.  I think it’s fun.  These are boards we salvaged.  We thought for a long time trying to decide if we should sand them down or leave them as is.  We ended up leaving them.


There are about four coats of varnish over the top so although the paint looks chippy, it’s won’t lift.


Here’s the drawer with the tin bottom.


I know this wouldn’t be something everyone wants in their house….It doesn’t match my style as I like antiques, and not ones on the primitive side so much.  But there are lots of people who are redecorating and like that “ship lap” look that Joanna Gains sells.  This would look good in that kind of house.

We can’t decide if we should sell it now or take it when we go to Clear Lake to vend on Labor Day weekend.  Hubby said the first $125 and it’s theirs…then I suggested maybe he should vend at the quilt retreat.  He laughed and said no one would want his goodies.  Anyway…The table is done.  I don’t know where or when it’s selling.  All I know is that he want’s $125 for it.

He’s onto the next project….

He pulled my cedar chest…I’m so happy!!  This is what I want for a coffee table!!


Let the sanding begin!!

11 thoughts on “Hubby’s Coffee Table”

  1. I am with Julie-some of us will be bringing a suburban with plenty of room for ALL kinds of goodies-wooden boxes and crates, etc. I would LOVE to see some of his work! Love the table, can’t wait to see what happens to the chest.

  2. I love the table. My husband and I both go for the chippy, primitive, industrial look and have some of it in our home. So fun!

  3. Love love ❤️ that table I agree he could make a lot more on that table and I’d love for him to vend at retreat.

  4. I think hubby did an awesome job on the table. I grew up with primitive furniture and appreciate the look and the craftsmanship

  5. I’d keep the table and use it! I like coffee tables with legs so you can stretch your legs out under it if you need to. Plus it keeps the room airy feeling. Great job on the table. You’ll have no trouble selling it. If you sell, charge a lot more.

  6. The table does look very trendy. He should do an episode of Flea-Market Flip!
    I have an old chest as a coffee table in my living room. For now it is full of old family photos. On the top I have a piece of glass (it has beveled edges and is made for this) and under that is random photos of my kids and granddaughters. There are also a few of me and my husband growing up. The granddaughters love to look at them when they are playing at the table. I just have to keep an eye that they aren’t sliding the glass off.

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