Hubby’s Adventure

Hubby is always on the look out for old things that have some value.  It doesn’t really matter if they are primitive or antique, old or interesting.  He loves a good find.

Recently he came across a find he couldn’t resist.  It was lump sum lot….He took it all home and paid one lump price.

There were lots and lots of canning jars.  Many of them were blue.


Many were highly scripted.


This is only a part of them.


He got quite a few things including this box….It’s all clocks.  The big one in the box is really cool and intricate.  I am so hoping he can put that together and it will work.  I love it.  I grew up with a mom that always had a coo-coo clock.  I have long wanted one too.


He also got this old desk type thing….



and this cool wooden box with a glass jug inside.  Does anyone know what the glass jug likely held?  We had no idea and would love to know.  Please leave a comment in the comment section if you have an idea of what it once held.




There was a box of old oil lamps…


..and old Underwood typewriter.  It has a box of covers that go over the keys so that a person can learn to type without looking.


There was an old adding machine too.


This lamp we’ll like hang in the basement over a pool table if we ever get one.  My dad had a pool table and I always loved that.


Hubby had a lot of fun with his haul.  He really likes tinkering with old “junk”….I love that both are a little like that.  I would hate to have a Hubby that didn’t tolerate or understand my “junking”!  I also love that Hubby’s adventures often become my adventures too….about that coo-coo clock.  There’s no way I’m letting him sell that!!

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  1. Fun! My dad was the same way, except he didn’t sell anything. He used to go to auctions and pick up boxes full of stuff for 25 cents. There was always something in there he wanted, but got everything thing else. He’s been gone for 6 years…miss him, but enjoy reliving through your post. I love the oil lamps…I collect those. Thanks for sharing.

  2. jo I went on the internet and found this about your bottle.
    click on the shape of your bottle to get the year and history of it.
    looks like it may have held soda (mineral water or beer)…
    very cool.. the canning jars are worth a lot each…. enjoy…

  3. Great finds, Jo…. I discovered a bunch of old Ball jars once sitting beside the street for trash pickup. I stopd there and guarded them while DH brought the truck to load them up. They will filled with very old food that was all brown in color – but emptied and washed, they were beautiful. And useful. Have fun. enjoyed the post.

  4. The jug looks like a carboy that is used to make/store wine. They are fragile so the box filled with straw would have protected it for shipping
    Great finds with so many possibilities.

  5. I Googled Twitchell co, pa and came up with pages of Bottlers and this company seem to sell flavors and carbonic for your sodas…. As a newly married wife I had one of those bottles in the living room as hubby like to make wine. My newly married daughter has one in her basement, her hubby likes to make beer! I bet the box is “rare” and harder to find than the bottles….

  6. What a wonderful treasure he hauled home! I think the bottle held a mineral water but I know folks who searched for them to make wine in. Hope you keep us posted on how it all looks when he gets it all fixed. I love the small table with the iron legs.

  7. Wow–what a bunch of cool things!!!!!!!!!!! I have quite a few jugs that are from my Grandma—I was told once that they put vinegar etc in them……Love that clock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sheila Fernkopf

    I have some of my mother-in-law’s blue canning jars. Some of them are worth $40 each. (Just google the writing on the jar and you will find information and values.). I sure enjoy reading all your posts – found you because I read Bonnie’s posts too. My husband loves farm auctions and especially getting “a pile” or “a box” for $1. He always finds useful items and sometimes sells items from the pile or box before he gets them loaded in the truck. I traded machine quilting for feedsacks and tops. And have been gifted boxes of feedsacks. Recently received two feedsack tops. People love to give you items if they know you will treasure them like they do. Thank you for all you share with us.

  9. I love the box and jug.. but I find it also very special that the originial packing material is sill there. I wish I had more time to go to auctions. My husband does junking but for different purposes than my interests He does not understand the value of the “old” stuff unless it is someting from his childhood.

  10. Jo,
    I have a cuckoo clock that is almost identical to yours. My Dad bought it in Germany when he was in the service (early 1950’s). He sent it home to my Grandma and after she died, my Grandpa gave it to me. It hangs in an odd spot in our house so it doesn’t get wound very often but I would never dream of getting rid of it.

    Thanks for sharing:)

  11. linda schiffer

    Um, does your husband sell the things he junks? :)

    I would _love_ to buy one of those blue canning jars! EMail me, please?

    :) Linda

  12. I so agree with the comment by Sheila Fernkopf about people loving to give if know the items will be treasured. I’ve been handling my Mom’s estate for over1 1/2 yrs and I find I have no trouble letting go if it’s to someone who will use,respect and treasure her part in giving to them.

  13. I remember an episode of Little House on the Prairie where they were transporting nitroglycerin in bottles packed with straw like that.

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