Hubby to the Rescue

It was my Hubby to the rescue…again..well sort of.

I had been lamenting that I wanted him to pull the refrigerator out so I could clean underneath it.  I’ll be honest.  Other houses that we’ve lived in, I haven’t cared so much about cleaning.  This house, it bugs me lots more.

Hubby started asking why I wanted the refrigerator out and I told him so I could clean out that little crack of dust.  He said – “Oh that’s easy” and was gone out to the garage.  A few minutes later he came back with this….


It was a long dowel stick with an old paint brush taped to the end.  I was impressed.  How easy.  I of course told him I was going to blog about it because I am sure there were other women with the same problem.  He thought I was crazy and was sure every woman already had one similar.

It works perfectly….It slides between that little 1″ space where the refrigerator and counter don’t quite meet.

I’ve told you time and time again that I am just a simple gal.  I guess this is proof.  I was just giddy over Hubby’s “new invention”.  I am so thankful that I have him around to come to my rescue whether it’s because he brings me a 5 o’clock beer, makes me sit down for a few minutes or invents great new cleaning tool.

5 thoughts on “Hubby to the Rescue”

  1. Janinne Garrett

    Dies he have any cool ideas about cleaning the space between the top of the stove and the counter. Stuff gets spilled on the top and then drips down in that space too often!

  2. I thought that was a wonderful device your hubby made i was going to try and use a three foot ruler to get the junk from beside my fridge his plan sounded much better. Well done Hubby!!

  3. It is a wonderful solution! Hubby himself pulled out our fridge and stove a little over a month ago when we were doing a deep cleaning before his two sisters came for a visit. I was just thrilled that he was so considerate. Thanks for sharing a brilliant idea. Have a wonderful creative day!

  4. I take a wet dish cloth, folded in half, length wise, use a metal ruler inside it and squeeze it in between counter and stove. Works pretty well. Just make sure you hold on to both at the top. My Mother always used a yard stick with piece of fabric held on by a rubber band to do under the fridge and along side. I still do. Sometimes technology justs takes a back seat to old fashion ways.

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