Hubby and Kalissa’s Adventure

Remember earlier this week I told you that Hubby and I went thrifting and found this….

We bought it for $50.  Our intention was to re-sell it somewhere but weren’t sure where.  We had been setting up a booth at the Antiques in the Park show in Clear Lake but started reassessing if we wanted to continue doing that.  It seems like there are shows all of the weekends now days and it’s plain and simple a lot of work.

I talked to a friend of mine that has a booth in Harmony Minnesota at an antique store there.  Hubby and Kalissa who wants to start her own thrifting adventure have been talking about possibly getting a booth there together.  We decided to check that out and stopped on our way home from Lacrosse last Friday.

The name of the place is Generations.  It’s an antique mall.  Kalissa asked me take lots of pictures so she could see as she’s never been there.

I know I was suppose to be on a mission but how to I resist not looking especially when there’s a big beagle….yes, it came home with me.

I walked around and snapped pictures so I could send them to Kalissa to she what she thought.

This is my friend’s booth.  Most spaces are this size…  8 x 8.

I know my friend does well so I was curious about the prices….$6 pyrex.

$8 crochet picture….Hmm.

Some booths get pretty cluttery.
Some were artsy craftsy.

There are LOTS of booths…

This corner booth was my favorite. I liked the back “wall” with the sink and open cabinets.

We were getting there only about 20 minutes before closing so no real time to look.

Ah…I wish we had time to look but we were on a mission.

Did Hubby want a space here?  Could Kalissa and him fill it?

Kalissa wanted to some crafts that were vintage farm house look….would it work here?  This is what I found….

I did see one booth of it so there would be lots of competition for that type of business.

Here was the open space we could have….   $145 a month.  We wouldn’t have to work there…we wouldn’t pay any more commission on top of that.  Hmmm.

Do we take it?

We talked a little more.  Then Hubby asked if we could leave something in the space if we signed the contract today.  He said sure…then they talked about the welding cabinet we just bought and was still loaded on the truck….

and with that, he signed the contract and the space is his…and Kalissa’s.

Hubby is TERRIBLE about posing for a picture.  I didn’t ask…I just said okay, stand by your first piece of merchandise for sale.  He did and I quickly snapped the picture.

So…just like that…he’s in business.

I’m sure there will be more updates about this in the days to come.

11 thoughts on “Hubby and Kalissa’s Adventure”

  1. Congrats! That is a great place to have a little business. There always seem to be people there when we have been there. When the weather is nice the Amish sell homemade goodies outside.

  2. I see a quilt draped on that lattice work. Why not? You could hang one of your quilts from shirts and then cut shirts into squares and sell packages of them. There is a website called Worn and Washed in England
    I guess she goes around and collects thrifted fabrics and leftovers. She has quite a business. You could certainly do that Jo with all of your shirtings. That chest would look lovely in front of a quilt. Good luck. Carol

  3. Kristine Goplen

    Harmony is a great place. I think you will do well there and have a lot of fun. I grew up in SE Minnesota, beautiful area.

  4. I started following you because of your quilting but I LOVE all the thrifting adventures you speak of and your neighbor girl and just life in general. I also love how your whole family participates in your blogging adventures. It’s like a continuing saga I get to read every day. So thanks for the great entertainment.

  5. We have a store like that here in Holland called Not So Shabby. Lots of booths and lots of people visiting. Stores like that seem to draw in people because of the wide variety of goods and prices. Best of luck!

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