How to Transfer an ebook to Your Kindle

I have had several requests for a post on how to transfer an ebook to your Kindle..I am finally getting it written.

Start by getting a copy of an ebook.  This will be downloaded from an internet source.  Most of mine are quilting ebooks from C&T Publishing.  Save the copy onto your computer in a place that you will be able to find it again.

From there, go to your Kindle.  You will need the Abode Reader App if you don’t have it.  To check, go to the Apps section of your Kindle.  You will find that across the top.


From there scroll through your Apps.  They are in alphabetical order.  Look for Adobe Reader.  If you don’t have it, go to the Apps store.  Type in Adobe Reader.

Install it.


Plug your Kindle into your computer.  A screen like this will sho

Go to your computer.  Go into documents (or where ever you saved you ebook) and find the ebook.


Right click on the book.  Hit copy.


Go to My Computer.  Find your Kindle.  For me it is listed as Removable disc F.  Yours might be something else.


Open the Kindle, right click and paste your ebook there.


It should show up at the bottom of the list like this.


Unplug your Kindle.  Open it up.  If the ebook doesn’t show up on the main screen.  Go to Apps. Hit Adobe Reader and open it from there.  From now on, it should show up in your book rotation (it did with my old Kindle).  But if it doesn’t (it doesn’t with my new Kindle), you can find the book by going to the Abode Reader Ap.

I am no computer know it all…in fact, my son Karl had to show me how to do this…but if you have questions, ask and I’ll try to help…or rather Karl will :)


2 thoughts on “How to Transfer an ebook to Your Kindle”

  1. I like that your suggestion of when downloading the book, put it where you can find it again. That seems to be my problem sometimes. I can’t find things on the computer that I know that I’ve saved. Thanks for showing us how to do this.

  2. The only cord I have with my Kindle is the one I use to charge the battery. I assume I need to purchase another. What do both ends look like. Thanks for any help.

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