How to remove “green eye” on pet photos

As you know, I take LOTS of picture of our beagle Ruby.  So many of the pictures show her with green devilish eyes.  Well her eyes are not green at all.

Her eyes are brown like most beagles.

I used to get so frustrated that I’d get a really nice picture all except for those green eyes.  Recently I found a cure, an online photo editing place called Pic Monkey.  I have written about Pic Monkey before here.

I thought I would show you how to turn pet eyes from green to their natural color.  Start by going to  Upload you picture by hitting the button on the upper left that says, “Edit Photo”.  Find your photo in your computer and upload it.


Now your photo is in and ready to work on.

Go to the left column and hit Touch Up. It’s the button that looks like lipstick.


Scroll to the eye button.  Click “red eye remover”.


Click “furball”.  From there, move your mouse over the pets’ eye.  Click.  Scroll over the next eye.  Click.  Then go back and hit apply.

From there…Save your picture…all done and VERY easy.

Using the program can make your pictures go from this…

To this….

Much better right don’t you think??  It was oh so easy with PicMonkey.

On a side note:  PicMonkey was once completely free.  Now portions of the service cost money.  The eye touch section is still free.

11 thoughts on “How to remove “green eye” on pet photos”

  1. Thanks so much for the referral to Pic Monkey. I publish my Guild’s newsletter and love Pic Monkey for editing the photos. I bought the paid services and love the ability to build collages from our Show n Tell photos. My next challenge is editing photos of the members to publish in our member directory.

  2. Pat C in Washingon

    Excellent! I was tinkering around in iPhoto with family photos before I knew anything about it, trying to erase red eyes and accidentally erased one person’s eyeballs ENTIRELY.

  3. Wow, thanks so much for that, the red eye fixer I use doesn’t fix the green, how cool is it that they have furball :)

  4. I’ve used Picmonkey before, but never really delved into red eyes & touchup, so thanks for letting me know it’s available! I only hope I will remember it when/if I need it! Ruby does look much sweeter with her customary brown eyes – the green eyed monster is a little scary!

  5. I’ve got a dog who was phobic of camera flashes (I got her comfortable with cameras again by keeping the flash off, and taking a bunch of very routine shots at happy times), and it actually makes me wince to see Ruby’s tight closed mouth in that picture. For all I know, of course, she’s worried about something else, but once I realized that Stella had a problem with cameras, when I looked back at the pictures, all I could see were the tongue-flicks and tense expressions.

    You can do a lot without a flash, even indoors with a P+S; the two biggies are to set the white balance mode explicitly (or correct it after) and to use ‘levels’ or ‘curves’ to pull some detail out of the shadows.

  6. I have been looking for ages for a way to do this – lots of software has ‘red-eye’ but none seem to have heard of green-eye.

  7. Either green eyes, or red eyes, it’s best to remove them with a quality software because then you get the real results. PicMonkey is an online editor that sometimes helps sometimes doesn’t with these things. If you have PaintShop Pro in your computer, I suggest checking this guide for a simple red eye/ green eye removal using this software.
    Hope it helps!

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