How old are your knees?

I found out exactly how old my knees are after painting the hallway and stairs of the old farm house we live in….


UGH!  The stairs and hallway are the last part to be finished of the house remodeling.

Yesterday my son was home and painted the first coat on the hallway floor and down the stairs.  Today it was my turn to do it.   We had to replace four stair steps so those need a third coat of paint.  Hopefully they dry quickly so I can get them painted….and I have to do a little fixing of my mistakes touch up work.

Tonight I hope to have hubby put the stair rail back on, hang the curtain rod, and put the switch plates back up and then I think the project will be finished!  Glory Bee…I don’t think my knees can handle too many hours on the hard floor.

For those of you keeping track…the remodeling project started in early June and finished up at Thanksgiving…. I am glad it’s about over.

3 thoughts on “How old are your knees?”

  1. Yea! You are almost done! That was a lot of hard work. I have a inexpensive pair of knee pads I use whenever I need to be on hands and knees for a project, like gardening or wiping up the bathroom floor. It makes the job so much easier!

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