How My Cross Stitch Wall Started…

I really love the Facebook Memories App. It shows me posts from past years. This one recently showed up.

The caption read, “Starting the weekend out perfectly with a load of junk. Watch the blog…you’re gonna love this story. #joscountryjunction #junking #mykindofdate

This memory really made me smile. Little did I know this was the start of my cross-stitch wall. At the time, I wasn’t even back into cross stitch. I can honestly say I don’t even think starting cross stitch again was even a blip on my radar.

Some eagle-eyed readers might recognize the piece in the far back of the truck bed….Here is a view with the drawers all in it. Do you recognize this piece??

It was missing some drawers and two doors.

I just love the story of how we got the piece…can you believe we got it for free?? You can read the story about it HERE.

A year later in 2018, my husband had it looking like this…On this day we moved it into our dining room. You can read all about that HERE. I was SO IMPRESSED by him. He worked so hard on this.

My husband passed away in 2019 and that’s about the time cross stitch became a dedicated hobby for me. The space on the wall above the cabinet became my cross-stitch wall. My husband had made two door fronts but they never were completely finished and attached. Later one of my childcare dads who is a carpenter put them on for me.

Here is that same cabinet in 2023. The same spot only not decorated with my cross stitch pieces.

Little did I know six years ago that I was going to be a cross stitcher again and little did I know I would have a wall covered with beautiful pieces. I have one more piece I need to stitch. I have two different ones that I’m choosing between stitching for that spot. I need to measure and see which will fit better there. Then I need to get stitching.

I just love my cross-stitch wall. I love that I cut down and framed some myself. I love that some got specialty frames. I love the spool cabinet and file cabinet I picked up along the way. I love my Swedish Ivy that my sister gave me starts for. I love my little tree with grandkid charms. I love the little accessories blog readers have sent me that fit in the mix. I have to say, I really love the old cabinet that we got for free on an estate sale…that my husband finished for me. It was the perfect starter piece for my cross-stitch wall.

23 thoughts on “How My Cross Stitch Wall Started…”

  1. Grandma Rabbit (Pat) in AZ

    Jo, that cabinet is the most beautiful piece of furniture and you have used it in the only way that could do justice to it. Stunning!

    1. So many many memories attached to this freebie. It’s beautiful as is the cross stitch display.

      Happy Saturday Jo :-)

    1. Your cross stitch is beautiful. I have stitched for many years but now only do bookmarks. I have arthritis. My only regret is I have some pieces that I have no room to display. I am 80 now and within a few years we’ll have to downsize. Do you have any suggestions

      1. Jackie M Harold

        I love it. Bless your husband and your carpenter dad for helping your cross stich show so beautifully!

  2. Donna Pheneger

    I love this story. I don’t have a wall per se though I do hang a few smalls that I hang up monthly.
    Thank you for sharing your story!
    Love and prayers

  3. Your husband did an amazing job on the cabinet…it’s beautiful! I love all your cross-stitch pieces…can’t wait to see what you choose to add to the wall!

  4. Stephani in N. TX

    I had to go back and read about how you came to have that oak cabinet. It is so beautiful and you have done justice to Kramer’s work on it with your stitchery wall and smaller cabinets and your swedish ivy (wish I could find some of that). Who knew when you brought that home for free, how much time and TLC you and Kramer would devote to it. It’s a jewel.

  5. Wow! Just Wow! Some of the best things in life are free! It turned into something beautiful that gives you wonderful memories of Kramer. What a treasure! Your wall is beautiful! Wish I lived closer so I could go thrifting where you do! HUGS… and stitches

  6. Oh what a transformation! Your hubby was as talented as you are. You certainly partnered well together. I love the cabinet and your cross stitch wall – looks great!!

  7. Kathy Shelton

    What a beautiful cabinet and wall. I can see all the love that is in that space for you to enjoy and have memories.

  8. The cabinet is beautiful, what an effort to restore the beauty of it by Kramer. I still love all the old items that can be restored. I admire your cross stitch wall above it, so wish I was as motivated as you are to get back to stitching.

  9. It is just a beautiful arrangement of everything there!! The cabinet is gorgeous as are all the cross-stitch pieces! I’m just in awe of the fact that you’ve framed many of those pieces!! Don’t think I would ever attempt anything like that.

  10. Judith Fairchild

    Your cabinet is gorgeous and you have space for storage that few of us have. The whole wall is beautiful!!!!!!!

  11. What a beautiful reminder of your husband and what a treasure. Your wall of stitching is frosting on the cake and the whole effect is just perfect! I was noticing the plant, too. Thank you for telling us what it is.

  12. I’ve always dine needlework but would give it all away. When my. 42 year old son & only child died it 2016 I started keeping my work. I now have about 5 walls but yours is so awesome. It’s absolutely perfect. Thanks for reminding me of the memories & much more the future possibilities

  13. Hello, Jo. Beautiful wall and gorgeous cabinet. Would you be able to do an addendum to listing the name of the pieces stitched. Thank you!

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