How a College Mom Quilts

I have three kids in college and they each call me regularly which I love BUT, I can’t spend all day on the phone.  My kids as well as friends and relatives assume that because I work from my home and am my own boss, I can be at their beck and call.  I can, but sometimes, I don’t end up getting much done if they all call me the same morning and each want to talk for 15 minutes so, I have come up with a strategy.  

I am incorporating my strategy with my leaders and enders project.  Rather than run just one leader or ender through, I run several through creating a chain.  Then when someone calls, I turn the phone on speaker phone…..go to the ironing board, trim my Maverick Star blocks and iron them.
Then I go to the table and trim them to size.
Then in the evening I sew them together into blocks….
Here are 4 of the 103 blocks that I have finished using this method…..I have done most of the ironing and trimming while talking on the speaker phone. 

….I love talking on the phone with my college kids and not for a second to  I mind….I just like to feel like I accomplish something in a day too.  Doing the trimming and cutting is easy mindless work so I still feel like I can concentrate on the conversation.  If you want to try this out for yourself, check out Bonnie Hunter’s Maverick Star tutorial.  I am opting to not trim my blocks so that they look crooked.  I am far enough along that I’ve been thinking about layouts….check back in a couple weeks to see what I come up with.

Never in all my days did I think that a phone with a speaker phone option would be a necessity for sewing.  It sure is in my world.

2 thoughts on “How a College Mom Quilts”

  1. I love those little stars…when my brother calls I sometimes do cutting. It almost seems like I do a better job, and I am not just sitting there yakking!

  2. I got myself a set of headphones ($10 at Walmart) that plug into a little hole on the side of my phone. I look like a telephone operator, but they allow me to keep working while sewing!

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