Houston, We have a Problem.

It appears I have a touch of a problem.

Remember me mentioning that I wanted to make two of my childcare kiddos a quilt?  One girl had gone on and on about me making her Bonnie Hunter’s Zuckerwattte quilt.  I wrote about that here.  If you missed it, it’s a cute story.  The other little girl hadn’t said much at all.

When some pink pieces that were left over from a project came to me from a blog reader I thought there…I’ll make this quilt for the other girl.  I was so happy.  I finished this top back in June thinking I was so smart for working ahead.  I had one top done LONG before Christmas.


Well time is ticking by and Christmas is getting closer.  If I am to get that Zuckerwatte quilt done for the other girl, I better jump and go FULL SPEED AHEAD.

So, one day last week I pulled some pinks and some white based neutrals.  I had them sitting out on the kitchen island hoping I might get a couple nap time minutes to cut a few 2 1/2″ strips for the quilt.  Also on the island were a few of my brown string blocks for the Pfeffernuse quilt.  I had cut the blocks into triangles.

The girl who I thought would get the snowball quilt came off the bus.  She saw fabric on the island and asked what I was doing.  I grabbed the brown string triangles and grabbed the quilt book with the Pfeffernuse pattern.  I opened it up showing her the brown triangle and pointing out the picture of the quilt and where the blocks would land in the quilt.  She was interested and was paying attention.  Then really quick she grabbed the quilt book out of my hands and said, “Jo, I have a great idea.  Look.”  She flipped through the quilt book and found the Zuchwatte quilt.  Then she ran over to the kitchen island.  She pointed to this and said, “Look.  This is the perfect fabric for you to use when you make me and Aubrey our quilts.”


UGH.  I was so excited and happy that she remembered the quilt.  We hadn’t talked about the quilt in a long time….like a couple months had passed and she still remembered the quilt.  But…I planned WRONG.

So now what do I do?  She wants the same quilt…..oh my.  I certainly don’t have time to make two before Christmas.  I know how crazy life can get in the last 6 weeks of the year.  I just know I won’t have enough time.

I really feel like I have to make both of them the same Zuckerwatte quilt.  Both of them want that quilt.  I don’t want one to be disappointed and get the snowball quilt.  Thankfully the quilt is only single sized so that makes it much easier to do.  I think I might wait and give them to them when they get done regardless of when that is…maybe Valentines Day…maybe a day with no reason at all.

The happy news is that I’ll have this snowball quilt on reserve.  Maybe down the line as I make another childcare kid a quilt, this snowball top will be just what they’d like…I might have to hide the String Fling quilt book so that the next kids don’t see the quilt and want it too.  A girl has to do what a girl has to do….so I guess I just solved my own problem.  I’ll be making two of these quilts.

14 thoughts on “Houston, We have a Problem.”

  1. Your choice of just giving the quilts to them WHEN they are done is very good!! They can already see how long it takes to make a quilt. And you don’t want to feel forced to make gift quilts in a hurry. The girls might even be happy to help you make their own quilts, in some fashion. Good Luck!

  2. Jo, do you mean that you were showing her the Pfeffernuse quilt and then she flipped to the Zuckerwatte pattern? Because you typed Pfeffernuse twice.

  3. Getting a quilt on another day will make that day special and the quilt won’t get lost in the hustle of bustle of so many other presents at Christmas. A quilt deserves a day of it’s own anyway. I’m so glad these kids will know what goes into making a quilt and think everything comes from the store. You may inspire them to quilt too! Wish you were my childcare person.

  4. It’s hard to say ‘no’ when they are so excited about something you can make isn’t it?

    My very first thought was Valentines Day. But you could make any day a special day by giving a quilt. That seems better, and you can enjoy both the process and the giving.

  5. you didn’t say they were getting them for xmas so wait until you are finished to give – don’t stress yourself out sounds like you are busy enough as it they well be happy when they get them

  6. Jo…your snowball quilt is beautiful. I like your
    plan for getting the quilts done for Valentines Day.
    The quilts will be lovely.

  7. Maybe their birthdays? Or any day would be a great day to receive a quilt. Do you make one for every child? You are very giving. Most of us readers are especially thankful for your generosity of your blog. With all you do your commitment to the blog is appreciated. You do not have a problem, you have a gift.

  8. F you were to give the quilts on a specific holiday …Christmas, Valentines, etc. then what will they expect on the next Christmas, Valentines…. Enjoy the holidays with your family and give those quilts on a regular old weekday …when you finish with them. No stress and no future expectations with “What are you making me for next Christmas, Valentines, etc”.

  9. Oh boy. . . . .give those kids some sewing machines & make sure the “bug” takes really, really well! LOL

    Actually, I was thinking that their birthdays might be a good idea. . . .but since both of them want the same quilt perhaps it would be better not to do their birthdays.

    June 23rd is National Pink Day so you could aim for then.

  10. If you want to give the quilts at Christmas, what about making a second snowball quilt and then when you have time a bigger Zuckerwatte quilt to share at your house?

  11. I’m sorry you have such a predicament. Too many Quilts- not enough time. I have requests for a Checker board quilt that isn’t even started yet. I know how you feel. The new baby girl quilt will come first. this year. She’s expected right around Christmas. Birthdays sounds great to me.

  12. Wow – your day care girls really have good taste in quilts! Wonder where they got that?
    You could always have them help lay out the completed blocks – a lesson in color theory and placement? You don’t have to tell them who you are making the quilt for – it will be a nice surprise when they do get the quilt.

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