Houston, we have a problem

So blog readers…any Texans out there?

Karl (my son who is student teaching) is in Houston and feeling a little uncomfortable with the hurricane coming in.  They’ve told his where he’s at that it can flood a lot.  He’s also been told with the rain expected and the flooding it causes they can expect that they might end up closing school longer than only Monday (which is already cancelled).

Karl needs somewhere to stay tonight and probably the next night to ride it out and then see if the storm indeed came as predicted.  If it looks like he might have to be away from his place longer, he’ll likely head home for a few days.

I know it’s a HUGE favor to ask but is anyone willing to give my boy a place to crash for two nights.  He’s not picky at all…a couch will do.  Email me at rogjok@iowatelecom.net if you can…THANKS.

UPDATE:  Cheryl in Dallas who does the quilting for the charity quilt tops and sends them on to House of Hope is coming to Karl’s rescue.  Thanks everyone for your kind offers and suggestions.  Prayers to all who are dealing with the hurricane.

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  1. Jo I follow u and feel like I know ur family. My husband and I live in country in Weimar. We have entire second storymhe will be comfortable in 1 1/2 hr west of Houston. He is welcome to stay w us Just let us know and we will contact him

  2. Jo I feel like I know ur family. Ur son is welcome to stay w us 1 1/2 hr west of Houston. Email me and we can contact him. We have big house lots of room

  3. Hi Jo I feel like I know your family from following your blog for years. Karl is more than welome to stay with my husband and I – we live 1 1/2 hr west of Houston in Weimar (out in the country). We have a big house – lots of room. Email me and we can get in touch with him with directions.

  4. I just got goosebumps! YEAH for the GOOD people in the world who KNOW how to HELP others and ease the hearts of worried mothers. So much focus lately has been on all the evil and NASTY things in the world, my heart is warmed by a tale of GOOD. MY prayers are going up NOW for those people in the path of the storm.

  5. He is welcomed to come stay with us in Austin, if he is willing to drive a couple of hours. We have a guest room. E-mail me if he is interested.

  6. We’re not in Texas, but our door’s always open in New Mexico. :) I can only imagine how worried you are. Prayers that he stays high and dry and safe and for all in the path of this storm…as well as for you and the rest of your family.

  7. I don’t Jo, but I love the title to your blog! Last fall Victoria had only been in Florida a few months before Hurricane Matthew and her boyfriend was gone for work. What do us Iowans know about hurricanes! Well, we do know how to prepare if we loose power, and that it what Victoria did. She did ok. No power for 6 hours and some water in the house. She had lots of help from her neighbors who she hardly knew. We try to help so far away, but the kids just have to handle it on their own.
    I sure hope some good souls will help out Karl, and now he knows how to prepare and Welcome to Texas!

  8. He can stay with us if he is not allergic to cats. We have six at the moment. We live 20 minutes southwest of Houston. We don’t flood, though it is possible that we might lose power. He can crash here if he likes. You can PM me on Facebook at Paula Jo Nordt or send me an e-mail.

  9. What a welcome he has received in Houston, a hurricane! It sounds like he has some offers of places to stay until it passes, hope he says yes. Keep us posted, we worry when you worry.

  10. Woot Woot ! To Cheryl in Dallas !! It is great to know that there are still good people in the world!! Prayers to all in the path of the storm!

  11. As I have told you Jo the hurricane was due to hit our neck of the woods in Corpus Christi but if and when we can get home…IF we still have a home he is welcomed at our home for sure. Just email me and we’ll take it from there.
    Jeri Oldtisme@aol.com

  12. I’m glad your son found a place to go. The tv coverage shows a lot of devestation. Do you know anything about quilting groups that are collecting for those affected? If you could keep us informed that would be good. Carol

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