Houston…we have a problem.

Remember the quilt for the Firemen’s Benefit that I’m trying to hurry through?  I told you about it here on Monday.

Then I had seen a link on Facebook to a Missouri Star Quilt Company video for the Checkered Lattice Quilt.  Find it here.  I watched it and thought that was it…

I picked out my fabric.  I sewed my blocks.


I trimmed by blocks but as I was trimming I realized that I got myself into a bit of a problem.

Making these according to the directions I end of with two blocks that are reverse blocks.  That works great if I hadn’t used only two different fabrics.  Can you see that the lattice run in opposite directions?

I played with some layouts….I don’t like the the squares would have a seam in them.


I thought running the lines diagonally rather than in a lattice might work but then the “squares” don’t square up.  Can you see that they are off kilter?


Then I tried this which is okay but I’m back to the seams in the “squares”.


Then I decided maybe I’d be better off if I made two baby quilts instead….One would be with one set of blocks and one with the other.  It would look more like this.


UGH.  I wanted this to be a quick project.  Oh well.

Opinions please!!!


19 thoughts on “Houston…we have a problem.”

  1. What about putting a sashing around the blocks and alternating the two different blocks? Maybe using that pretty blue print that you got for the back if you have some extra, otherwise some cheddar. A deep yellow always looks good. Just a thought.

  2. Go with the two baby quilts. You have all the blocks already made. Last year or the year before, my guild had two smaller raffle quilts at our show instead of one big one. We don’t do that every year, but once in a while is fine.

  3. ack! I can see your confusion… I’m confused, too. I agree with you about the seams in the blocks. I’d say make more blocks, or sash them with black, maybe? just a thought… I know what you mean about wanting it to be a quick quilt… bummer!

  4. Go with the red squares meeting or borders around the blocks ! One quilt for the Firemen’s Benefit would please more people, I think !

  5. Susie at ProsperityStuff

    I don’t remember how many blocks you have, but here’s an idea: … You could do a center-section for the quilt with one set of blocks (like the start of a baby quilt), THEN add a border of some kind (maybe black or black/white?), THEN use the other set of blocks for a row or two around the edge of the quilt. The in-the-middle border could separate the sets enough that it wouldn’t matter if they’re a match, BUT you’d still have enough blocks for something close to the original size. Sort of a medallion quilt look …

  6. I agree with Susie at Prosperity Stuff, if you have enough blocks. I love all your blocks no matter what, but the pinwheel design is really eye catching. Good luck. It’ll be a winner no matter what you come up with.

  7. When the quilt is finished, no one but you is going to notice the seam in the blocks … unless you point it out … don’t do that! LOL! Keep going with the original plan … it’s going to look great! Candy

  8. I would make 1 baby quilt and put it in a basket with lots of other baby items, (gender neutral) and donate the whole thing as a “baby gift basket”. Then after it’s donated, and afterward the deadline is met, finish the other baby quilt for Carver. : )

  9. I like where the blocks are offset and it makes a pinwheel. It is very different and unique!! Go for it Jo, it will end up beautiful!!

  10. There are no ‘problems’, only opportunities. Here’s my 2 cents… so what if the solid red sections have a seam. When it’s all quilted it won’t be noticed.

  11. AqrLOVE the last layout, it they all look great. Who cares if there’s a seam in the center of either the red or the blue? I’m absolutely sure that someone who gets the quilt won’t notice or care. Just my 2 cents worth.

    P.S. Or do a baby quilt basket as someone mentioned above, and finish the second quilt later when you have no deadline to meet.

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