Houston Update: Mozzarella Mashed Potato Sticks

Here’s another comic relief – by Karl’s Receding Hairline


As a refresher from last time, I’m Karl’s Receding Hairline! Karl’s very busy and tasked me with NOT GROWING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD and finishing my article from last time!

Here is me, Karl, his friend Sam, and some new friends he met in Denver. Of the things in his life, good friends and good people give me pause and make me think about going forwards instead of going backwards. But before I DON’T do that and KEEP TRAVELING BACKWARDS, FOR SOME ODD REASON, I look on the people Karl has met and kept in his life to this point. Sam, top left, is a great friend, a great person and often provides Karl with very wise counsel and is overall a great person. Houston would have been much more difficult without him.

The Mozzarella Sticks though…

I am one of Karl’s many VERY Germanic features. In tandem with his leviathan meat paws, his glorious beard, his mighty height and his awesome horizon, I, Karl’s receding hairline, am one among legion features that serve to diversify him from the 99% African American student body at his school. Karl really wasn’t built for form and elegance, he’s probably supposed to be pushing a steel plow behind a horse team. So Karl watched a video of a woman with dainty piano playing hands and a mixer beat these mashed potatoes into a nice fluff and sculpt them into heavenly mozzarella sticks.

And then failed. A bunch.

Karl just kinda mashed the potatoes with a spatula and didn’t really fluff the potatoes like he should have, and so ended up with great mashed potatoes, but not with pliable, workable potatoes. And so, ended up with THIS.

This was the first time the recipe name changed. Karl looked upon these monsters and called them Pretty Much, I Should have Just Made Baked Potatoes and Stuffed Them Instead of Doing All of This Work. He’s working on making shorter names.

Then, he baked them. Karl is a very hungry and growing boy and while he didn’t need the calories to keep growing at that moment, he checked them anyway and found this nonsense.

Then, Karl called them Cheesy Mozzarella Potato Things. The cheese was oozing out of them, they were falling apart in the oven, the whole thing was a mess. But what does Karl do when prompted with a challenge?

He makes *Creamy* Twice Baked Potato Cheddar Stuff. Karl’s really good at taking a bad situation, putting his own spin on it, and then getting through it. He’s also really good at getting in bad situations, but he’s getting better. One time, he told his Mom that if he didn’t know how to polish turds, he wouldn’t know what shiny looked like. Mom laughed, but her own hairline started to shrink back a little bit, too.

Note from MOM:
New things have happened with Karl since he moved out…
He LIKES onions
He LIKES blue cheese
I thought that would never happen.

He’s always been pretty silly though.


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  1. Karl is a hoot and I love his adventure into cooking his way! Our son did pretty much the same thing when he first left home and many of his dishes were driven by hunger and not pretty to look at. I finally broke down and got him a cook book called: A Man, A Plan and A Can and then I added a really nice can opener, he still uses it today and he is still single and is a much better cook. Summer vacation is almost upon us and Karl will hopefully be able to come home and stay for awhile.

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