Houston….and Karl

Karl is not in Houston so no worries about him.

Friday morning I got a message from him that said.  “Left Houston.  Headed to Dallas.  Can you find me a place to stay?”

I had told him the worst case scenerio was that I would find a blog reader that would let him stay.  I was going out on a limb but I’ve found that all of you are really great people and wouldn’t leave me to worry about my boy.  I was confident that something would work.  Well you all know the awesome long-armer Cheryl who is always doing charity quilts for House of Hope and the quilts are featured here on the blog…well I went out of my box and asked her if she would be so kind as to host Karl.  She was quick to say yes and I can’t tell you how special that was to me.

Just in case Cheryl was out of town or things didn’t work out I put something on the blog asking for help.  WOW…I got a ton of replies.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  That was so kind of all of you.

The plan became that Karl would stay at Cheryl’s in Dallas for two nights which gave him long enough to access the situation in Houston.  Today they cancelled classes in Houston for the upcoming week.  We made the decision for Karl to drive home here and spend the week with us…again we’ll be watching the weather.  Karl was told that another time when a hurricane was through classes were cancelled for two weeks so, we’ll wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, Hubby has a list of things for Karl to do and help him with…I’ve got a bit of a list too.  I miss having a helpful kid at home with us!!  I’m sure he’ll have plans besides just hanging with us all week.

Thanks again to EVERYONE who was so thoughtful and kind.  I quit watching the news as all the stories are so depressing.  I think the opposite is true here on the blog…we have WAY more good news than bad.

7 thoughts on “Houston….and Karl”

  1. So glad that Karl got out of Houston when he did. I had word earlier today that my sister, her three children and her grandchildren who live in Houston are all okay. I’ve been under the weather for a while now and have missed reading your blog. This was a nice one to come back to! Blessings!

  2. Our friends daughter is ready to have her baby, and she & hubby
    live in Houston. They were at the hospital yesterday, but
    were sent home. We all have a lot of worries for friends & family
    during thus storm.
    Safe travels to your son on his trip home.

  3. How wonderful to hear that Karl is safe and that Cheryl provided safe harbor for him. Love how quilters can cross all boundaries to help each other. Enjoy Karls visit, glad he is safe and sound.

  4. Jo, I’m so sorry I missed the help blog post. I am only 2 hours from Houston and had plenty of beds in the retreat house. Karl is welcome anytime. Please keep that in mind should the need arise in the future. I sure hope it doesn’t tho. We have had lots of rain and wind but no major damage or flooding at our place and haven’t lost power yet either. Glad Karl is headed north for a few days.

  5. Susan the Farm Quilter

    So glad Karl is home safe with you! Just as quilters are quick to offer help in so many situations, I love how neighbors are helping neighbors and strangers alike in Texas. Somehow, so often, the most horrible circumstances bring out the very best in us. Prayers for all those affected by the hurricane and its aftermath.

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