I have a housemate again…You can tell by the slept in bed…

Nope.  I’m not dating anyone and have no plans to.  No one could ever put up with the craziness of my kids and grandkids and I don’t want to anyway.

I didn’t decide to host a foreign exchange student.  I didn’t take in a stray kid.  I didn’t adopt a kiddo.  I’m not doing foster care, although I’ve always wanted to do all of those things.

I’ve been changing the laundry…and tripping over the shoes…

Did you guess who my housemate is?

It’s this guy.

Karl, our son who just moved out a couple of months ago.

Right now his house is getting an electric re-do.  He had old knob and tube wiring in his house and that just isn’t safe.   The electricians are there and giving him an update.  They’ve been there about a week and will be there a couple of more days.

I don’t mind a bit having him here.  Besides, now I have reason to fix the ham that has been in the freezer.  There will be two of us to eat on it!!

After the wiring gets an update we can jump in and do some other inside fixes.   Wiring was the first priority.

I tease that I’m doing laundry and tripping over shoes.  It’s not a problem at all.  It’s great having Karl here.  He’s helping me get caught up in the garden.  He mowed the lawn and doesn’t leave a mess at all.

So I’m enjoying my housemate for now…before long he’ll be gone again but hopefully not before we’ve eaten all of the ham!

10 thoughts on “Housemate”

  1. Nice! I love how the dog bed is on the couch, that’s how our new pup sits on the couch with me at night when I cross stitch. Cute.

    Enjoy your housemate:)

  2. I’ll bet it’s nice for him to be back, even temporarily. Our son came back and stayed with us a few years ago, due to some medical issues. That complicated things a bit, but it was still nice to have the company.

    Enjoy the ham!

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    I love the “room mate ” story. Enjoy Karl’s company and the ham! I know you will.

  4. I bet it was nice to have Karl home. Adult company is a good thing, especially if they can help with garden and yard work. I live alone and have to do this all by myself as the kids all live too far away to help. I’m not doing much until it gets cooler. 100 degree weather is not good for a 79 year old lady to be working with all this right now. So When it gets cooler, I will have to go some to catch up. I like summer way better than winter anyway. Take care and enjoy the company and HAM, Both sound good

  5. Judy Laquidara

    I can imagine how nice it is to have him “home” for even a short time. Even tripping over the shoes will end all too soon.

  6. So fun! It is easy for you to welcome him home – it’s temporary! haha. I really think you would welcome him anyway. He’s always been a helper for you so not much of a problem.

  7. You are so fortunate to such a large and loving family! We are having our home rewired as well and what a mess it is! It seems pointless to clean and there are numerous holes in the wall and ceiling. Did I say numerous. Thankfully, the whole house needs painting anyway. But three grandkids are here as well for 6 weeks. Trying to maneuver is awkward.

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