“House” Work

We continue to plug away at the house.  We were gone much of Labor Day weekend but we did work on a few things….

Kelli helped pull nails out of more wainscoting (boards).  It is currently in the downstairs bathroom and entry way as well as the upstairs sun room.  We have carefully been removing it so we can reuse it in one of the bathrooms once we build new.

Hubby worked on rebuilding the outside steps.


It’s a little frustrating that he has to spend time doing this as we will be removing them once we tear the old part of the house off.  But we need them temporarily for electricians, furnace workers and plumbers to be able to do their work.  Besides, about three weeks ago I was going down the basement steps and didn’t know the bottom one was rotten.  I fell.  I banged up my knee and ankle.  So we have safe steps….Next up, he’s building a new door to cover the steps so we have something we can lock.

I moved to the upstairs to do some work.  In the ugly old bathroom we are removing the tile and trying to save these boards.  They will be used for flooring in one of the new bathrooms.  The only problem.  They have a multitude of screws in them.  Hubby assures me that we’ll fill the holes and no one will know so I am playing along.  My job, remove those screws.  Thankfully we got another drill with a bit to speed up the process.  I also bought myself a cushioned knee pad to kneel on while doing it.  It has been wonderful.  My knees aren’t in the best shape to start with so having the knee pad makes this all do-able…and to think I almost didn’t spend the $3 to get one.  I think I am going to try to get another one as there are lots more projects in this house that will make another one handy.


Part of the floor is done…maybe 1/3 of it.  We have lots more to go.  This is where most of the work that I’ll be doing in the next week or two will be happening.


Little by little we see progress.  We are trying to work as much as we can this week.  The weather is cool and with fall on our heels, Hubby will be booked with harvest before long.

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  1. I can feel your urgency. I know that your hubby will be very busy with field work soon. Mine too, and we have a garage to build before he starts. urgh.

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