House Updates

Over Christmas break our son Buck came home and helped Hubby with some of the basement remodeling.

I’ll just do a little recap and tell you were we were with the basement and what our goal is.  When we bought the house, there was an old somewhat damp basement.  We took off the old kitchen of the house and added an addition and two car garage to the house.  Well we put new basement under the addition.  We debated about just putting a crawl space under that addition or putting full a full room under the addition but then our cement guy told us that the only price difference would be about $5000 more dollars in cement..

Well that made it an easy decision for us.  How often can a person add a 24′ x 28′ room onto a house for $5000.  We are so glad that we did.

We really don’t need the space at this point but I keep thinking should we ever have grand kids it would be great to make a space like a family room down there.  At times I’ve also debated about doing childcare down there but I think that option is fading…I like being upstairs.

Anyway…we now have the space and nothing is done with it.  We aren’t pressed to do something to it…but we aren’t up for just completely leaving it alone either.  So the buys started to do some basic work on it.

There was some plywood sheeting  along the stair well on the sides but it wasn’t completely finished…now it is.


One of my favorite things is that Hubby added a light at the bottom of the stairs and that light switches on when the light at the top of the stairs is turned on.  Yahoo for better lighting!!  Best yet, we had the light and didn’t have to buy one!


Sheeting was also put up around the bathroom.  We can now pee in privacy down here!


Down the stairs and on this outside wall of the bathroom we have plans to put up the wainscoting that we salvaged from the old addition.

Sheet rock is up in the bathroom and we have a door not too!!  We don’t have a knob yet so I guess the bathroom isn’t completely private.

We originally didn’t intend on putting in a bathroom in the basement.  We didn’t want the extra cost of a pump to lift the sewage.  It was a way to cut money..and we needed to cut money.

We did put in a shower for Hubby in the basement.  It is in the old part and not attractive at all.  It has cinder blocks sides and is very manly industrial to wast farm dirt off.  We’ve had one in each house we’ve lived in and it is completely necessary for Hubby.  Well we found out that our marriage is a happier one if he has a spot to be his more messy self…his shower/work clothes/dressing area away from mine.  Anyway, the shower had to have the sewage pump so as long as we were needing to put one in anyway, why not get a bathroom too…so we did.  It’s simple really just a half bath but again, I’m glad we got it.


The door was also put in for the utility closet.  That is to the right and it hides a host of plumbing, heating and electrical stuff.

At first when they proposed it I really didn’t understand all mumbo jumbo of it but now that it’s up, I understand.

As it looks now, it doesn’t look like any big home improvement but it’s progress and I’m really happy to see it.

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