House Update

If you drive by the new house, you might think we’re moving already….


But we are not.  We rented a truck from friends of ours so we can keep the siding for the house and other stuff stored inside.  We had been moving wood from corner to corner in the house only to have to move it again.  It’s been a bit of a pain.  Then Hubby got the idea to rent a truck.  I think in the end, it will make things much easier.  We can put boards and things there so they are out of the way until we actually need them.

Here is a picture of the side of the house.  The back 1/3 of the house to the right be removed soon.  Right now we are waiting for the electrical inspector to approve the moving of the electricity.


Inside-a temporary wall is now in place so that once the bad part of the house comes off, we’ll have the remaining part of the house protected.


This is definitely going to be interesting.

For me, at least I can sigh a bit of relief because none of what is happening really needs my help or assistance.  Right now we’re in the waiting game….

I’m guessing that we’ll be there for a while but that’s okay…I have plenty keeping me busy here at home.

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