House Update: Wednesday Chaos!!

Wednesday here at the house was crazy.

Last fall we all but begged Arctic Seel to come and spray the foundation of our house.  It looked like this….


Hubby really wanted to have the foundation insulated.  We’ve seen several other people do it and they have recommended it.  We decided to have it done.  We begged and begged for them to come last fall but we had no luck.  Even our contractor called and they just wouldn’t come.  We had originally called in early August and they couldn’t possibly fit us into their schedule.

Then about three weeks ago we got a call from them.  They would be in the area and wanted to know if we wanted an estimate.  We thought we better at least get that done so we said yes.  He was up a couple days later and gave us a price.  We debated and debated and finally a week later decided that we would do it.

So about a week ago we decided we better call and get us put on the list.  We were thinking they would show up to do it a couple months from now so we’d have plenty time to dig the trench and save the money to do.  Imagine our shock when he called on Tuesday and said he’d be there Wednesday.  After all of our begging for them to squeeze them in last fall I figured there this was all just a dream but nope….Wednesday morning bright and early they were here.


They were a really busy hard working bunch.


The childcare kids loved it.  They could look out any window of the house and see some type of worker working because the cement guys showed up too.  Both of the sidewalks are poured.

We had lots of good talks about working hard.  We learned what lots of new words were too…scraper, cement, concrete, cement truck, rotate….all learning and real life experiences.

Anyway….this is how the foundation looks now.  It is gray and has a black texture over the top.

Here’s the sidewalk on the north side of the house…and the foundation but the caution tape is in the way so you can can’t see the foundation.  I’ll take some pictures another day.


I did notice that one of the kids must have jumped the caution tape because I can see a couple faint kids foot prints.  Oh well….it’s a sign of my life and times.

In between all that I was fighting runny noses here…including mine.  Can you believe I am sick again?!  Honestly, I am washing my hands ALL THE TIME!  How does this happen?

Tomorrow we’ll have just cement guys here.  They will be working up but the house forming up the patio at the back of the house.  I’m sure the kiddos will have another fun day of watching the workers.

7 thoughts on “House Update: Wednesday Chaos!!”

  1. it looks wonderfull! oh heck the whole house looks great! my compliments for both the inside – just very very pretty indeed – aswel as the outside- yes i see the garden being ready in my head and you stroling around with your day-kids…. just love what became of the old lil house!

    hugs from the Netherlands

  2. When you’re around little kids you are going to get sick every time they do. Seems like every time I’m around my youngest grandchildren I get sick. Just the penalty you pay.

  3. I do hope you’ll give in to the temptation to leave your mark somewhere in the cement… when I was a kid, we put our hand prints in some wet cement at my mom’s house, and I just love seeing them, now some 55 years later… like those footprints, it is a sign of your life, and you’ll smile every time you see it for many years to come.

  4. Kids carry germs. They manufacture them. Ask any teacher or grandparent. I get so sick every winter due to grandkids. Ahhhhhh-

  5. Hand washing is good. Remember though, touch yourself wash. touch stuff. wash. We get sick transferring stuff and we must assume it is on every surface no matter what.

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