House Update for Friday

Well there is good news to report!!  My sister Judy and her husband George decided to come up a day and help us on the house.


It was sure nice to have extra hands…as they say, many hands makes light work.  It was so true with the boards we have to clean.  Judy, Kelli and I scrapped boards most of the day and guess what???  ALL of the boards from the old farm house are scrapped!!

There is a down side though…the original boards we harvested from our house still need to be scrapped.  There isn’t nearly as many of them so it should go much more quickly.

While we scrapped boards, George put a second coat of mud on the sheet rock.  That was an awesome job to have moved along one step further.

The carpenters have been busy too.

They are putting the cap on the basement floor.  So far, it’s slow going. But the rafters and supplies that they needed have arrived so they’ll be staying.


The basement windows on the old part of the house are in place.

We have a busy weekend with kids coming home and events to attend.  We need to get a few things done at the house too….As much as I would love to have a “labor free” Labor Day weekend, it just can’t happen.

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