House Update: Electricity

We stopped by the house to set the garbage out for the garbage pick up and noticed a few changes…not that we had done, but what the electrician had done.

The electrical all needs to be moved from the part we are tearing off to the part of the house we are keeping.  You can see here they are working on that.  You can also see those two wooden cut out by the upper window- Well those are there so they can fish in some electrical outlets to the upstairs.  We’re taking all the old siding off and putting new on so it’s okay if they cut into the house.


I checked the downstairs to see if there were any new outlets there…Nope.  It sure is a mess though.  I am hoping that soon the inside starts looking better instead of worse.


Then I went upstairs.  Here’s the start to my new electricity.

When we bought the house, this bedroom didn’t have any outlets.  The other two bedrooms had some but not near the floor-in the middle of the wall instead.  Those will all be redone and more added.  In fact, we are rewiring the entire house.

As long as it’s all open and accessible, it’s just a good idea.

Hopefully the guys will keep working and before long, we’ll be able to check one thing off the to do list.

6 thoughts on “House Update: Electricity”

  1. Such beautiful woodwork! Good idea to completely rewire. Old houses won’t accommodate all our modern electronic devices! Our last house, built in the late 40s, only had one outlet in each bedroom. I stocked up on extension cords but never felt comfortable.

  2. I can’t imagine a bedroom with no outlets! I’m a bit late to the party. When was the house built? Btw, love the chandelier.

  3. You might think this is silly…but consider taking out that pretty chandelier (if you want to keep it) and inserting some plain lights while people are going in and out of this house. I’ve heard of vandals and ‘pickers’ going through an unoccupied home and removing everything they could sell, without the owners knowing about it. Even a locked up, barricaded home.

  4. We bought a 2-story house built in 1890 in what was an old logging town – and you are right, as long as you have it torn up for remodel – go the whole shot. We rewired and added close to twice the amount of electrical outlets (updated electrical box) – new walling, flooring, windows, outside siding – practically rebuilt it but it was/is so worth it!. I swear she now stands very proudly on her corner lot in her new dress!! :-)

  5. Jo, you amaze me. You get sooooo much done, and at the same time are dealing with redoing a whole house! I’m up to my eyeballs just with a torn up kitchen, which will soon be a big empty room, because we’re doing a complete tear out and remodel. It’s such a mess! The amount of dust that came with tearing up a masonite underlayment in the floor is staggering. But I’m only doing one room – you’re doing the whole house! I just tell myself that if Jo can do all of this, I can deal with one torn up room!

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