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Hubby has been busy trying to make work on the flooring a little easier for me.  The first day of staining I about went into a panic.  Remember my trouble with my wrist??  Well I hadn’t had any trouble-in fact I had quit wearing my brace.  It had seemed to be healed.

After a few hours of being on my hands and knees staining the floors, it wasn’t my knees that bothered me….it wasn’t my back that bothered me.  It was my wrist.  UGH!

At that point I only had the upstairs bathroom floor and the 1/2 of the bedroom floor stained.  This time not only was my right wrist a problem, my left wrist was acting up too.  This had me worried as Hubby’s knees are not the best and the work on the floors was mostly my job.

After a trip to Menards on Saturday Hubby found some equipment that should take some of the stress off my wrist make the whole project a little bit easier.

We ended up getting some pre-stain conditioner.  It’s a product that we put down before the stain and it suppose to condition the floor and make it ready to accept stain.  Initially I was a little ticked at Hubby.  I was thinking-sure add another step to this whole process and make it another step I have to do!!   It turns our the stuff is A-m-a-z-i-n-g!!  It goes on easy and makes the staining a breeze!!  I don’t have to rub the stain into the wood thus no stress on my wrist!!  It makes staining much faster and gives the floors a MUCH better look.  The conditioner has made the job actually enjoyable rather than hard grueling work that I had to force myself to do.


Hubby also picked up a tool kind of like a mop head for putting on the varnish.  That has made that tolerable too…and FAST!  I am loving tolerable and FAST!



I’m now back to wearing the brace as much as possible but can’t while I am actually staining.  Thank goodness…we’re much closer to done and once we’re over the flooring hump things will all be better with wrist.  Hubby has been doing all he can to help.  If we could have two or so more successful days we’ll be about done with the floors but they will need a couple days to cure.

15 thoughts on “House Update….”

  1. Oh. Thanks for the update. I’ve been watching the peeks on facebook and am loving the stories. Take care of that wrist and enjoy the process.

  2. I have had wrist problems for the past 25 years. I just wear my braces while I sleep when they are acting up, this seems to work for me.The summer time is the worst for me, with all the planting and weeding that really makes them bad.

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!!! Your a doing a wonderful job! It will be so worth it in a few weeks when you move in!!! I have pulled tendons and arthritis in my wrists so I feel your pain… all your hard work is paying off!!!

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