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Finally..everything from the downstairs sewing room is packed except what is on the surface and being used.  What’s left is only a box or two and can be packed up in 15 minutes.  That’s a good feeling.  The living room, dining room and entry way is all packed too.  Most of my bedroom is packed and two of the spare bedrooms are packed.  I’m actually doing really good on the packing part of the move.

The house though…more set backs.  I’ve not written much about it as I am pretty glum.  I had hoped to be painting on Sunday but that didn’t happen as Saturday the furnace went out and nothing was dry.  UGH.  That put the priming behind and the painting of the ceilings behind.  UGH.

I thought I would be painting today but that didn’t happen either.  I am thinking tomorrow but I hate to say that out loud as every time I do say when I’ll be painting there is some type of set back.

Last night when we went to the house there was yet another problem.  The primer in our bedroom is AWFUL!!  See the slant part of the ceiling.  The primer is not drying in place.  UGH.

I don’t understand it all..but apparently there is no insulation in that part of the ceiling.  Being it’s cold the primer doesn’t stick.

Yes we have heat in the house-yes we have fans and a dehumidifier.

I am not sure how it’s going to get fixed but it will…in the mean time I’m just a little sad.  It just always has to be one more thing.

On a happy note the garage doors are in.  The openers are hooked up.  The electricians came and the garage and basement bathroom got lots of work done to them…all that is good.  Watch for more pictures on all of that coming soon.

After seeing the bedroom walls last night I was too crabby to think to take pictures of all the good things…but today’s a new day and I can at least acknowledge that some good things did happen.  This house stuff is such an up and down roller coaster for me…but that’s the house as of today.

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  1. What you are experiencing is pretty normal. We always hope the plan will work as planned but it never ever works that way. I remember once reading that renovation costs twice as much and takes three times longer than anticipated. So if yours comes in less than 2 times as much and less than 3 times the time, you are doing great.

    Keep your sense of humor and visit with the kids when it gets too much. It will be great when done.

  2. Don’t be glum & crabby… can’t paint, but most of the current house is packed up. That’s something to be happy about. When you can’t work on the new house, you can sew….something you haven’t had much time for. The new house will get finished when it gets finished…it’s not like you have a hard & fast date for moving out of the current one….who wants to move in the freezing cold winter anyway? I helped my son move one cold, windy day in January & trust me, it’t no fun.

  3. Don’t loose heart, GOD has a reason for everything, so good things are on the way, your new home is beautiful and will be a Blessing to all who know and love you and your family.

  4. Hope you are feeling better today. So interesting to follow your project though, and see all the different factors that come into renovating a house in a cold climate. Sunny Australia here, and we’d be battleing to paint gloss paint today with humidity at 180 % ( feels like it !), and almost 100 degrees. I can’t imagine watching all the work you do with heavy winter clothes on. The result will be so worth it though ! Especially the sewing room, too hot here today to even think of sitting at a machine.

  5. Oh Jo, my heart just sunk when I saw your problems with the primer. I just had something similar happen when I was painting our new kitchen. The primer just bubbled on the ceiling, and drooled down the wall. We ended up having to completely sand everything down and start all over again. Got a refund from the paint store, who had no explanation for why that happened. I know how frustrated you must be right now.

  6. Hang in there, Jo! I now that you are frustrated, I would be, also. Just start thinking about about all the recent amazing progress and that you really are almost done! I’m amazed & commend you on all the packing you’ve done!! Just hang in there your home will be completed soon!!

  7. Jo, I completely understand your frustration! We had a similar paint issue when we moved into our new home last year, but our primer was not sticking because we had wallpaper paste that was impossible to remove…even with sanding! We were so frustrate tied after several attempts that we put painting of 2 rooms on the back burner for a while (almost a whole year), but finally, we made another attempt with a primer product called Gardz that was a God-send! It was a great primer…stuck to the walls, smoothed most everything out (the wall still has a bit of “character”) and made painting a breeze! I do agree, though, maybe if it’s an insulation issue…it may get cold on winter nights in that room …will you need to blow more attic insulation?

  8. I agree with Lynda–insulate the bedroom while you can. Look at this as a blessing in disguise. It’s better to find it out now and not later. Plus, who wants a cold winter bedroom and a hot summer one?

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