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Okay..I’ll admit.  I’ve been a little down in the dumps about the house.  The guys have been fighting the weather yet again.  It was nasty for the carpenter’s.  I sure appreciate that they’ve been hanging in there and trying to work through it.   They’ve had a few delays waiting for trim pieces to come in.  I think everything is finally here and that they’ll be back on Monday to finish up.

They had another project that is taking them away for a day or so and that’s okay as there is not a lot to be done until the electricians get done so the electrical inspection can happen.  Once that is done we should be full speed ahead.  We’ve been waiting for the electricians to come back -as well as the plumbing and heating guys- but the weather had made that unlikely.  We had cold here with record below zero days which makes the workers get called away from jobs like ours and called in to work on furnaces, cattle waterers that are frozen and the like.

Hubby took part of the morning off to work on the house even though the carpenters weren’t there.  There were a few odds and ends things he could do…and did.  He came home telling me he thought I would like to go into town to see the house.  The carpenters had put up the trim piece and he thought it looked awesome.

I had to see for myself.  I figured you all would like to see to so I snapped a picture…I love it!!  Thanks to my sister Judy and Kelli for their work in helping to sand and prep the fancy trim piece.  The work was worth it.



Just for fun I dug back through the pictures of the house.  Here’s how the house looked when we bought it.  We saved that trim piece and I am so glad we did!!


It’s hard to tell it’s even the same house right??

At the back of the house here we’ll eventually have a little deck that comes at the upper floor outside the door that it there.  That room is my quilting room.  The lower door is entry to the kitchen.


The deck and cement for outside the house will have to wait until next year.

All that’s left with siding is the peak you see here and the front of the garage.

There is something you may have missed when you were looking at the pictures though….look again at this picture.


See the van in the right in the photo.  IT’S THE ELECTRICIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am so happy…it’s one of the cry happy tears moments…honestly.  I chatted with him-it was the actual owner.  He said he didn’t want us to be waiting so came over to finish enough so the inspector could come.  Right now the inspector is scheduled to come tomorrow or Monday.  I am SO happy….HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Either way, it looks like we’ll be working on house things over the weekend.

Next week will be a sheet rock and insulation fest.  Hubby is hoping to only work partial days here at the farm and work the rest of the time at the house with the carpenters.

Watch for more updates to come!

14 thoughts on “House Update….”

  1. It is very hard to tell that this is the same house! I hope when you brought up the pic of the original house & as you saw it today that it cheered you! My immediate impression when I viewed the first pic today with that beautiful trim is that house pictured should be on a Christmas card ~ so beautiful!

  2. Having been there, I know the feeling of being where you are. The anticipation can sometimes be depressing because of the delays and then, suddenly everything comes together. Your house is beautiful! So happy and thankful for all of you.

    Take care.

  3. I love watching all the things you’ve done with the house. Excited for your next exciting adventure. I understand not wanting to have dead lines. I know your city will appreciate what you will bring to their lives.

  4. I am so thrilled that you saved that trim – it is AWESOME!!!!! Your house is looking so fabulous – it must give you a huge thrill to see where it has come from what it used to be. Love the color of siding you chose- really gorgeous!! Before you know it you will be moving in and getting settled in your new sewing studio!!!

  5. Happy Happy Happy for you and hubby! And no, it really doesn’t look like the same house. I love the red chairs on the porch….

  6. Looking so good,Jo! Hope things go a little smoother now.
    And I’m glad to hear about your child care choice if that will relieve some pressure on both you and Kelli. Keep on goin’!

  7. Love the look of the outside of the house. Looking forward to seeing the inside finished with all the old wood and the furniture you have been refurbishing.

  8. The trim piece is gorgeous! I literally took in a gasp of breath when I saw how beautiful it looks over the scallop siding! I ditto Penny’s comment…the house could be a Christmas card!

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