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Things have been slow at the house this week.  We are more or less waiting on the electricians.  The weather here turned cold fast and they got called away from our house.  The main floor and the upstairs is done but the basement isn’t.  Because of that the carpenters aren’t in a hurry to finish up the siding besides, it hasn’t been pleasant outdoor working conditions….so we wait for the electricians to finish and then wait for the inspector to check the electrical.  Once that is done we’ll start the sheet rocking.

In the mean time we’re doing odds and ends things.  We cleaned out the moving van that we had used for storage.  That is ready for the owner to pick up.  It will be nice to have that gone.


I’ve done some cleaning in the house again…there is still more to do.   The siding on the east and north sides is done except for the scallops at the top.


I just love how it looks.


I can’t wait until next summer.  I can’t wait to see the house with a few flowers growing and looking a little less plain.

With the weather change Hubby is done with the fall work. They had hoped to have a little more tillage done but are thankful for the time they did get as the harvest is all in.  That means he’ll be a little more available to be back and working on the house.  That’s good news!!

Until we have heat in the house, there’s not much there that I can do…there is stuff I can do here though.  There are trim boards to clean.  Thankfully my wrist is doing pretty good and I’m ready to tackle that job.

8 thoughts on “House Update”

  1. I love the grey colour of the house sides, especially with the snow. I look forward every day to see how it’s all progressing :)

  2. House is looking beautiful! Hope the weather clears so they can finish the outside . .you must be chomp in’ at the bit to have it done!! <3

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